Possibly the first birthday with snow..

I've been playing around with the HTML and stuff on my blog - its not what I want yet but its super fun to experiment and learn!
So, Saturday was my 23rd birthday. Sadly, my friends weren't really available to hang out with, and neither was the sun. It actually was snowing. No matter! I was determined to enjoy my day. It started out great with my mom making a delicious (and pretty!) breakfast of waffles with saskatoons and whipped cream! I got some nice presents (500 days of summer movie! and some money and some new music) and then went out in the rain/snow (in my car) and got my new drivers' liscence, and some other errands and did some sweet thrifting and picked up some watercolor pencils with my birthday money. That night I watched a movie with my mom. The night before I got to put up posters for the music festival volunteer for with my friend and then go to the pub after! It was very fun.

On Sunday, I wanted to go the Ukranian festival - I was really craving some homemade perogies! But, because of the lousy weather and the fact that it was INside, there was SO many people there we couldn't get in! haha. We went out for lunch instead and I got - not perogies - but a steak sandwich which was small but sooo gooood. 

And these are apparently the only pants I wear!! 
Thrifted Joe top
H&M vest
Banana Republic pants


Stripes at the Glenbow

Here in Canada, we had a holiday on Monday so, = Long Weekend! I didn't have plans to go anywhere but I went to a wedding on Saturday which was pretty fun. 

On the Holiday Monday my sister and I decided to go to the Glenbow Museum here in Calgary. It was a great time. They had a couple new visiting exhibits, plus I don't think I'd ever been there before. 

We also went to eat lunch and got to eat outside! It was a bit chilly with the wind but we were happy to just be outside. Sometimes its so fun to be a tourist in your own city!

The new exhibit at the museum was called "the Painter as Printmaker" - all about how impressionist painters began using different techniques to make prints of their works. So they had a DIY section (possibly aimed at kids..) that we spent about an hour at!! You could draw your picture (backwards) that you wanted on a piece of styrofoam, then roll it with ink and then "print" a number of copies. 

I was pretty stoked about this project and printed 3 copies of this. I was so impressed at how well it worked - including the intricate designs in the corners! This was seriously the coolest thing I've ever done at a museum!


I absolutely love... my new TOMS!

I have an exciting recent purchase to talk about today!!

I was introduced to TOMS shoes while a student at Briercrest - where many of my friends had a pair. The first time I saw them I thought they looked pretty weird, but we all know how fashion works - I've come around :)

I've been wearing an old pair of slip on shoes for the last few years and they are literally smelly and falling apart. It was time to get a new pair of "everyday" shoes. I have my yellow converse but they obviously don't go with everything and seeing as I call them my "longtimeshoes" they're not a replacement for slipons. I've been wanting to get some TOMS so now that I’m getting paid I figured now was a good time.

My sister can attest to the lengthy hemming and hawing over this purchase - should I spend that much money on a pair of casual shoes? and most importantly what colour?? THe main reason for buying a pair of TOMS is that for every pair of shoes you purchase - they give a pair to a child in need. One for One. What an awesome business plan. A couple days after I bought mine I got an email with this cool guy holding a pair of his new shoes! What an awesome thing to know that I’m helping a kid.

I had said before that TOMS are like the opposite of most other shoes as they are giving shoes to kids, whereas walmart shoes are practically taking shoes away from kids. Or they're the ones making the shoes. I want to start to be more willing to pay a little more than "the lowest prices guaranteed" to be more conscious of who and what I'm supporting.
I wanted a pair that I could wear pretty much everyday (possibly even to work) and with anything. And since I tend to be a bit more adventurous in my clothing choices (or am trying to incorporate more patterns and have tons of stripes in my wardrobe) I figured a solid black was the wisest choice. Maybe not the most fun, but I love them and the inside pattern of animals makes me happy! Obviously, if I could have my wish I'd probably have them in every colour! I've heard this so much but had never actually tried on a pair - they serioulsy are soo comfortable!

I broke them in good on the first day by wearing them to the park and playing a little soccer. haha. hmm… no wonder my old shoes were falling apart…. anyway, they seem to be holding up great and I love them and would really encourage anyone to get a pair!


The Truth's in One Free Afternoon

This weekend was gorgeous! Sunday was such a nice day. I went to church, ate sushi, read, watched Funny Face, barbecued delicious hamburgers, and went to the park and played catch with a football and a frisbee with my sis. It was such a great day. 
I think this is the first time I've bought real sushi - and I don't even think this is actually REAL sushi because I got it a grocery store. But it was good!! Wasabi makes me choke a bit but I like it. This is the "rainbow roll." 

Check out the flowers in my backyard!! I love that summer is so close - although this week is supposed to get a bit rainy now again. Oh well! Living in Calgary, its good to see so many people really making the most of the weather when its good! So many people out running/walking/riding bikes/rafting down the river!

Lately, I've been thinking more and more about going back to school - which couldn't happen for a while (at least a year) and its weird to think of going back to school when I'm getting older and everything. But its exciting at the same time. I'm hoping to take some classes throughout this year though - just to continue learning and be doing something productive. :) At the same time, I need to pay off my student debt that I have (my goal is by the end of 2010!), and then I'm moving out, and I want to do some travelling too! Too many things to do, too far away, not enough time or money... Its good to have some ideas of what I want though.


Swap til you Drop

I went to my first clothing swap ever on the weekend! It was run by The Swap Team. Its also probably one of the few real "fashion events" I've been to. I've read about clothing swaps like this before on other blogs so I have to admit I had pretty high expectations. In some ways, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but really, for it being the first time they've done this in Calgary, I think it was generally pretty great.
I took some quick pictures - sorry they're so dark, but really, this is an accurate depiction of the event! It was so dark - we all kept commenting that we couldn't see what colour stuff was!

One of my expectations was that there would be a lineup to get in. I got there (later than I was hoping to be there) a half hour early and they thought I was a volunteer! There was nobody there haha. Oh well, I got to drop off my clothes so I could start right away when I came back on time. There was a ton of clothes and a ton of people and not much space but it was really fun and they had music playing and stuff. The clothes were all in pretty good condition - I didn't see anything gross. And it was organized quite well as well. The volunteers were all so friendly and we laughed at how much stuff I was getting! I had just grabbed a bag of stuff my sister was donating to Goodwill plus some stuff I no longer wanted from my closet and so I had so many tickets! I ended up getting 27 things which is a tad ridiculous. haha. I was a bit sad that there was a serious lack of dresses and shirts though. But the good thing was I've been really wanting to get some more shirts - especially ones I can wear to work. I don't usually even look at pants when thrifting! They are most often way too short and if I was looking for something cropped - I find its just so difficult to find pants that work.

I also thought I would meet a bunch of people in the "fashion world" of calgary - but I didn't really meet anyone. I talked to some people but didn't get any names. Now that's totally my fault too but really, I just didn't feel like people were there to interact with others - they were there to SWAP!! oh well - I still had fun and maybe next year I"ll volunteer and provide them with my ideas on how to make it even better!


April 29/May 3

April 29th, 2010

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