Trust me, I'm a college graduate

 I had such a great weekend! I went back to Saskatchewan to celebrate my grad and officially "walk the stage." My mom and I drove out Thursday morning and got there in the afternoon. We then packed up almost all my furniture that I had left there and all my dishes. It didn't take too long actually. My mom went to her friend's house and I hung out with Hannah and Laura my besties that I missed dearly. We also went to a little birthday party that night which was perfect because I got to see everyone all at once and have a few really good conversations with some old friends. I love that part about my school - everyone is so friendly and interested in what is going on. Even people that you may not have really known. I saw this one girl who I had never actually known but we recognized each other and she gave me a huge hug!

Friday I had grad ceremony rehearsal, and we packed up the rest of the vehicle. That evening we had a banquet which was super nice and a less formal ceremony with music and a little blurb about each graduate. I need to get a picture of this dress - I bought it from H&M just for this special occasion. I loved it!

Saturday was a gorgeous day - perfect for graduating! I went for a little walk that morning all around my old stomping grounds. Then we had our ceremony! It was pretty momentous - it felt so official.

Fun fact - Paul Brandt (the country singer) was an honorary docterate graduate at my grad! Dr. Brandt is a Christian and has dedicated his career to God and so to commemorate that and all that he is doing, they gave him an honorary degree from Briercrest. Pretty random, and I'm not really a fan of his music, but it was funny to watch the sudden increase in camera flashes when he was speaking!

Afterwards we all went outside to take pictures and hug and say goodbye and of course, throw our hats in the air! Then we went out for supper and had a good "nostalgic chat" about memories of Briercrest. We also had a really nice brunch the next morning and then headed back to Calgary.

It was a really great weekend and I felt very lucky to have my family there and be surrounded by so many of my friends. That stage of my life really is over now though. Even if I do decide to go back to school, it would never be like that again, so there's a bit of sadness, but mostly I was really excited to be graduating.

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Mom said...

It was an honor and a lot of fun to be there for your graduation, Michelle. You are so special and we're very proud of you!