Stripes to squiqqles

I took this picture on my lunch break today in the park by my office. I am so not comfortable with self timer yet haha. especially in public locations. I liked this outfit though - I felt comfortable but still professional enough for work.

Currently, I'm procrastinating from packing. Anyone who has seen me try to pack knows I hate doing it and leave it til the last possible minute because then I can do it quickly. I also then freak out and usually forget something. But I'm excited because I'm taking two days off of work and going to go graduate! I've been done school since December, so it's a bit weird to be going back, but at the same time, it feels like I will finally be finishing this huge thing, so that's great. I have a new dress for the occasion as well so I'm psyched about that as well :)

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mj said...

Aw mich!! you're gonna be an official GRAD! What's your dress like?
I hope you have a most exquisite time! xoxoxo