In which I copy others' art and post it

I've been feeling like doing creative things recently but haven't had any original ideas of my own. I think this is because I don't spend enough time brainstorming - I  need to be more aware of my thoughts and own ideas. Anyway when I saw this picture on my friend Kylie's blog (I don't know if it was from somewhere else or not) I knew it was the perfect thing to try. I blatantly copied it but I love it anyway, and I'm excited to put it on my wall.

I've also been using my first official paycheque to pay off the rest of what I owed directly to my school (oops haha), buy gifts for other people, and some fun nail polish for me, and getting ready for grad which is this weekend! Super excited to see my friends again and have a little break from work.

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suzy said...

oh my goodness...now i want to make one. mind if i blatantly copy you??
so pretty...