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First some thoughts -  I've been taking the bus at the same time every day and there are a few people that I am starting to recognize. I've been thinking that if I were to take this same bus every day for roughly a year, I would become pretty familiar with them. I haven't really talked to any of them yet, but I'm starting to feel as though I ought to. Normally, I wouldn't say hi to strangers on the street or the train (more people and more variable than the bus) unless there was some extenuating circumstance - crazy weather, problem with the train, Calgary Stampede, etc. 

But because I have started to see these same people every day, I feel as though I am starting to get to know them. Its like, because I know that they have a routine similar to mine, they are more approachable. Also, if I am to be taking this bus every day for the next several months, wouldn't it get almost awkward to not speak to each other if we see each over day? Its like going to the same sandwich shop every day with the same person working there. After a certain point, wouldn't you feel awkward if you didn't even know their name? If something happened to them or they weren't there one day, you would definitely notice; shouldn't you let them know that? Pretty much every time I do have a conversation with a stranger, it makes me really happy. So why doesn't it happen more often? I think its because we're too busy or self-absorbed to talk to other people. I think I want to change this.

Next -
I have no pictures but i have something special!!
- Check out thedownplayer.com for 8 free downloads updated every day. You can also just click on them and listen to them. I like listening to new music - its perfect!

My goal is to to start taking more pictures and get better at that. I had none to put on here. that's sad. This weekend I'm getting together with friends for supper on Saturday AND Sunday which shall be fantastic. Book club as well. And I hope to tackle some of the cool projects I've been bookmarking. So maybe i'll post some pics of that. Have a great weekend!

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Helsbells said...

Talk to the strangers!! Who knows what good things might happen?