Here's an outfit pic I took while still in Saskatchewan. It was one of the last nice days before this mini blizzard we're currently having. grr.

This outfit is all pretty new. I got the jean jacket and shirt from H&M and I got the pants deeply discounted at Banana Republic which I was pretty psyched about. The sandals I've had for a while from Wal-Mart. Ahh sandals; I wore rainboots today and should probably wear winter boots tomorrow.

Also - not to make this post super negative or anything, but my car got egged last night!
I was parked outside my friend's house (in not a particularly bad neighborhood by any means) and when I came out at 9 there was an egg all over one side! At first I didn't care too much, but once I started to think about what it would be like to wash off if it hardened or what it would smell like if we actually had warm weather, I started to get a little upset. I took Mowgli for his first wash since I bought him (besides nature's free car washes!) which was probably a good thing. But I was just confused as to why someone would egg my unassuming car.

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mj said...

Love it Mich. the outfit. Definitely. And, what you said about your car being unassuming. That's so true!
Maybe someone was walking by with a big bag of groceries, and slipped when they were next to your car, causing an egg to go flying up into the air and land on Mowgli.
Congrats again! loved the pics on here!