One weekend I....

Wow. what an amazing week. In the past one week I:
  • had one of my best friends come stay with me for 4 nights
  • went to a concert and loved Whitsunday and The Fast Romantics
  • found out I was probably getting a job
  • bought tulips while walking home from work
  • had five friends that are in a band stay with me for 2 nights
  • had two of their friends come too
  • had SUCH an amazing time with said 8 people
  • went to a movie 
  • spent the day shopping on the avenue
  • bought a really cute vintage dress
  • went to the band's concert and got a song dedicated to me
  • went for delicious supper at an irish pub
  • had nachos - twice
  • watched my friends eat hot dogs with eggs/chips/cheese/etc. on them (I tried this last summer and couldn't do it again)
  • ate wonderful meals with lots of friends - probably my favorite thing to do
  • went to church 
  • jumped onto a pond of somewhat melting ice 
  • said goodbye to friends and finally said goodbye to college and stuff
  • went to my first book club
  • went to small group/bible study
  • got a job offer
  • freaked out about "corporate life"
  • signed the job offer and became an employee
  • was really excited about this


elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

i want a week like that.
all full of music and friends and God and food. yikes bikes.

;kayLa* said...

This is excellent Michelle!
I've finally rubbed off on someone to do something involved with music! bahaha!
Miss you.