How can it be over?

Well we got back from Whistler on Sunday evening. It was an unforgettable time - one I know I will always remember and look back upon with awe that I was a part of it. I feel so blessed to have been able to be in Vancouver during the Olympics and attend events but I really think that what Olympics is all about is watching it with your family and friends on your TV and cheering on your country. I love it so much.
I took alot of videos during our trip that I hope to edit together and make a cool video. This will probably take me a while as I'm planning to go to the library to use Adobe Premier cuz I don't have it. But I still took some pictures - just not as many as I would have liked because I sadly left my big memory card at home. I'm gonna break these up into a few posts but here's some pics from the first few days.

This is the stage in Whistler. There were often bands playing there. I saw Hey Rosetta! and Galactic - both very good. There was also a big screen right beside where we watched events! These pics were taken on Monday - the only really nice day we had while there. We made the most of it though! We walked down to Whistler sat in the sun, watched a few events, walked around Whistler and looked at the merch store! There wasn't really a whole lot happening in Whistler during the day but it was fun to see so many people from different countries walking around!

I didn't really see what was so special about the mascots until I saw them and freaked out because they are SO cute!!! This is the only time I saw "real" mascots sadly. They were really cute.

Our first event was nordic combined - a team of four from each country - they all ski jump and then do a cross country ski relay. So we got to watch two events technically. It was very cool! No Canadians in this event sadly but we picked a team - Austria - and cheered them so much! And they won gold!! It was so much!
Its weird to be back after such an amazing experience. It had also been a long time since I'd done any travelling so it was super nice to get away. Still working on the job hunt and am currently temping - doing some good old fashioned data entry! haha

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