Day in the Mountains

 I was really lucky this week and got to eat out lots! This weekend was great. Friday and Sunday I hung out with my bestie Mel, who is leaving me very soon and I'm really excited for her. Saturday was great - I went to do a few errands in the morning - including a haircut. Then we drove into Canmore and went to Murietta's for lunch.

 I often try to get things I don't normally get to eat- and this time I got Mac and Cheese. I've never even thought about getting it at a restaurant before but the idea of quality comfort food is intriguing. And it was declicious and soo cheesy.

Then we went for a walk around the river which was really nice. Spring is just beginning for us (although we can't fully say goodbye to winter here) so it was really nice to make the most of this day!
It was a great day - and I wore my new H&M jean jacket that I got from my friend.


I absolutely love...

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love - going out for breakfast??  Its my favorite thing to do. I really don't like the waking up part (this morning I was sooo confused by the word "snooze" on my cellphone - "why is my alarm saying that word that so obviously not a word?? who ever heard of snoooooze??") 
But after I'm up, and after we brought my sister to the airport, its wonderful to get that first cup of coffee and decide if you're in a sweet or savoury mood. I love that the mood is a bit subdued (i'm a poet) and but people are generally smiley because non-morning people just aren't up yet. 

Today we checked out a relatively new breakfast joint in Calgary - Overeasy Breakfast. It was fabulous! We were talking to the owner and he said they just opened 5 months ago but I swear - it was so clean in there it could have been opening day. It was so awesomely decorated too with this chalkboard ceiling, textured wallpaper and waterfall faucets. 

I was feeling a bit adventurous so I got the Canadian Eh? eggs benedict - with peameal bacon and maple syrup instead of hollandaise sauce. So delicious.

Because we had to be at the airport so early we were the first ones there at 7 and then afterwards we had time to go to a flea market, come home, have a nap and then go to church! That's the other thing I love about going out for breakfast, when you get home, you've already gone out and done something and its still the morning!
Oh and this is what I picked up at the flea market for $2! Now I just have to wait for the film to go back on sale. But I think it looks sweet in the meantime! This will console me for not being able to buy a Diana camera last week at this store that was offering them with a free lens AND workshop. I don't know if I'll ever get over that one actually...


One weekend I....

Wow. what an amazing week. In the past one week I:
  • had one of my best friends come stay with me for 4 nights
  • went to a concert and loved Whitsunday and The Fast Romantics
  • found out I was probably getting a job
  • bought tulips while walking home from work
  • had five friends that are in a band stay with me for 2 nights
  • had two of their friends come too
  • had SUCH an amazing time with said 8 people
  • went to a movie 
  • spent the day shopping on the avenue
  • bought a really cute vintage dress
  • went to the band's concert and got a song dedicated to me
  • went for delicious supper at an irish pub
  • had nachos - twice
  • watched my friends eat hot dogs with eggs/chips/cheese/etc. on them (I tried this last summer and couldn't do it again)
  • ate wonderful meals with lots of friends - probably my favorite thing to do
  • went to church 
  • jumped onto a pond of somewhat melting ice 
  • said goodbye to friends and finally said goodbye to college and stuff
  • went to my first book club
  • went to small group/bible study
  • got a job offer
  • freaked out about "corporate life"
  • signed the job offer and became an employee
  • was really excited about this


One selected Day

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

Just taking a quick break from Olympics posts - I just had a few quick thoughts to share.
I had a pretty busy weekend planned but some of it is being pushed to next weekend. Still, it should be fun - going (finally!) to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow!! Then doing some shopping for much needed jeans, some QT (quality time that is) with my sister and my friend Mel, and then Oscars on Sunday!!

I was walking outside on my lunch break the past few days in this really cute neighbourhood of Calgary and it really felt like spring was here! The birds were chirping, the chipmunks were chasing each other. We live in a fairly new development and I sometimes forget how different it is to live in a developed area with tress - regular buses, birds, people out walking, shops and activities within walking distance.... needless to say I'm getting very anxious and excited to move to an area like this!!
Here are a few pictures I took of some of the cute houses!

I'm also just really enjoying starting to plan and dream. Now that I'm no longer a student I feel like I can (almost - just need to nail that permanent job first!) start to make moving out plans and travel plans. Its really exciting to not have to think about saving every penny for school (although for the next bit i'm basically still doing that to pay off my student debt...). Anyway, its just a nice feeling :)

and random note - i am just loving movie soundtracks recently. here's some of my faves that i've been listening to non-stop-

-garden state (i feel this was the beginning of good modern soundtracks)
-marie antoinette
-500 days of summer

i want some more - any suggestions? also - i'm hoping the alice in wonderland soundtrack is good. i think it has some potential! I like soundtracks of really random and different sounding songs that would only get paired together for that one purpose - of that movie, but at the same time totally work together. In my opinion, that is what makes a good soundtrack.


How can it be over?

Well we got back from Whistler on Sunday evening. It was an unforgettable time - one I know I will always remember and look back upon with awe that I was a part of it. I feel so blessed to have been able to be in Vancouver during the Olympics and attend events but I really think that what Olympics is all about is watching it with your family and friends on your TV and cheering on your country. I love it so much.
I took alot of videos during our trip that I hope to edit together and make a cool video. This will probably take me a while as I'm planning to go to the library to use Adobe Premier cuz I don't have it. But I still took some pictures - just not as many as I would have liked because I sadly left my big memory card at home. I'm gonna break these up into a few posts but here's some pics from the first few days.

This is the stage in Whistler. There were often bands playing there. I saw Hey Rosetta! and Galactic - both very good. There was also a big screen right beside where we watched events! These pics were taken on Monday - the only really nice day we had while there. We made the most of it though! We walked down to Whistler sat in the sun, watched a few events, walked around Whistler and looked at the merch store! There wasn't really a whole lot happening in Whistler during the day but it was fun to see so many people from different countries walking around!

I didn't really see what was so special about the mascots until I saw them and freaked out because they are SO cute!!! This is the only time I saw "real" mascots sadly. They were really cute.

Our first event was nordic combined - a team of four from each country - they all ski jump and then do a cross country ski relay. So we got to watch two events technically. It was very cool! No Canadians in this event sadly but we picked a team - Austria - and cheered them so much! And they won gold!! It was so much!
Its weird to be back after such an amazing experience. It had also been a long time since I'd done any travelling so it was super nice to get away. Still working on the job hunt and am currently temping - doing some good old fashioned data entry! haha