The Super Bowl is so Dramatic

I think I'm going to watch the Superbowl tomorrow - but I know that if it was like this I would definitely be watching it! - Check this out - What if famous filmmakers directed the Superbowl?

This week has been pretty busy finally! I got a temporary job for the next two weeks doing reception at a temp agency and so I started that on Thursday and then I also had another interview on Wednesday that I did some computer testing for too and am waiting to hear back. Things are looking up this week in the job market!! :)

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Ian Elford said...

I definitely enjoyed that video! In fairness to the directors, though, those were more in the style of particular films (with the exception of Wes Anderson, because he does have such a consistent style, although this was clearly playing off The Royal Tenenbaums more than the rest). Tarantino doesn't make every film like Kill Bill, Werner Herzog has done a lot more than Grizzly Man, and the Lynch sequence reminded me a lot more of Mulholland Dr. than Blue Velvet. I've only seen one Godard film, so I can't really say what film was being referenced.