Good long weekend

This weekend: basketball, memories of college, chocolate, OLYMPICS (on TV for now!), old friends, new friends, Valentine's party, Battle of the Sexes, my friend Manny's concert, a joyful reunion with all my tights, scarves and belts that I forgot at school, watching a couple cheering fans fight the opposing school's mascot, and pizza. It was really fun!!

Also - here's a little joke for my Canadian friends - you may or may not even get this. You remember a few days ago when Mike Robertson won the silver medal for snowcross? That was very exciting but it was hilarious the next day when the Calgary Herald put this headline for the story of this "new guy" from Canmore.

hee hee - anyone catching this reference??

Manny! She sounded superb!

This is her band and her funny "adoring fan!"

An outfit from work this week. (Oh - too lazy to edit any of these pics btw.)

PS - congrats to my friend Sinead who had her baby girl this morning!!

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