Olympic Games

We started our amazing week at Whistler!! So much has happened since these pictures - this is actually just the road trip out! But we're having an amazing time. The first two days here were absolutely beautiful! There was a 31 degree difference in this one road trip!!


Good long weekend

This weekend: basketball, memories of college, chocolate, OLYMPICS (on TV for now!), old friends, new friends, Valentine's party, Battle of the Sexes, my friend Manny's concert, a joyful reunion with all my tights, scarves and belts that I forgot at school, watching a couple cheering fans fight the opposing school's mascot, and pizza. It was really fun!!

Also - here's a little joke for my Canadian friends - you may or may not even get this. You remember a few days ago when Mike Robertson won the silver medal for snowcross? That was very exciting but it was hilarious the next day when the Calgary Herald put this headline for the story of this "new guy" from Canmore.

hee hee - anyone catching this reference??

Manny! She sounded superb!

This is her band and her funny "adoring fan!"

An outfit from work this week. (Oh - too lazy to edit any of these pics btw.)

PS - congrats to my friend Sinead who had her baby girl this morning!!


Facing the android's conundrum

1. Wore this out dancing - those socks are sparkly socks and I wore black boots over them - this doesn't show the outfit very well but it was a very fun night!
2. Church and Superbowl!
3. First day of work - just changed into these jeans after work
4. A work outfit
5. Work outfit - Thrifted outfit actually. Just got this Teenflo blazer (also in outfit #2) last weekend for $6 and this dress is floor length that I pinned up.

1. I need more colour in my wardrobe - at least for my work wardrobe! I mean, yah, it's winter - but still!
2. I need to clean my mirror - and think about finding a place other than my dark bedroom to take pictures.

Things are looking good though - a friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend (well also for a basketball tournament) and she is bringing all the tights and belts and other accessories that I left behind accidentally! That will be soo appreciated.

I have some fun things planned for this weekend which will be grand. And Monday's a day off! This week has been pretty chill - getting into the hang of going to work again - BUT I got my first paycheque that was over $100 in a year and a half so that is quite exciting! haha yikes.

I read an interesting article from The New Yorker about commuting. My commute (I drive up to the bus stop, take a bus and then the train and then walk a couple blocks) is about an hour total (each way). I'm enjoying it right now though because I'm already halfway through Great Expectations which I started last week! But yesterday the train was delayed a half an hour which really made me tired for the rest of the evening. In this article it talked about how the average commute time in America is 50 minutes and that some people have up to a 7 hour commute a day!! I can't even imagine. And my commute is only this bad because I live on the edge of the city with my family - ideally I would like to be a short bus ride or a walk away from pretty much everything - work, shopping, friends, and hang out spots. Maybe that is just ideal but I would be willing to have less luxuries to be able to live where I want to live. Anyway, just an interesting thought about commuting and how it affects our quality of life.

How long is your commute?


The Super Bowl is so Dramatic

I think I'm going to watch the Superbowl tomorrow - but I know that if it was like this I would definitely be watching it! - Check this out - What if famous filmmakers directed the Superbowl?

This week has been pretty busy finally! I got a temporary job for the next two weeks doing reception at a temp agency and so I started that on Thursday and then I also had another interview on Wednesday that I did some computer testing for too and am waiting to hear back. Things are looking up this week in the job market!! :)