Olympic Warmup

Have I mentioned I'm going to the Olympics?? We're starting to count down the days. My family and I are heading to Whistler for the second week of the Winter Olympics in February!! We are so stoked.

This past weekend there were some events here that got us pretty psyched!! Calgary was hosting the Worlds Competition of aerials and moguls and I went to see them! They were so cool! I'm actually going to be seeing aerials at the Olympics!

This is the mogul run - I can't believe these guys. Also - my dad feels like he looks really old in this pic haha I think its just his silly toque.


Lara said...

Totally jealous! I would love to go. Chicago lost the 2016 olympics to Rio de Janerio. My husband and I were devastated! It would have been the summer ones but still fun!

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhh that is awesome! I am always obsessed with the olympics!