A Little Taste of Calgary

My parents took me and my sister out for brunch this morning! It was delicious and in an awesome old house in part of Fort Calgary called the Deane House. They often do murder mysteries here which I think would be really cool. I *love* going out for breakfast ps.

This picture of my food is blurry but our brunch came with this awesome bowl of fruit - the thing with leaves is a gooseberry! Then we also had scones and I had french toast with carmelized peaches and raspberry sauce and whipped cream! I was so stuffed!!

I sort of look like I have horns here!

This house was so cool! I loved the wallpaper and wood! We snuck upstairs to take these pictures!

This is the Calgary skyline. On the right, that building under construction is going to be The Bow by Norman Foster whose firm, Foster and Partners (check out their website for some seriously cool pics) did such other famous and beautiful buildings such as 30 St Mary Axe in London (the Gherkin), the Millennium Bridge in London (the one that gets destroyed in the 6th Harry Potter movie!, the Great Court in the British Museum, and many others in other cities besides London haha. Its very cool that Calgary will be home to a work of Foster - I'm really excited to see the finished product in 2011!

And now I'm off to collect the last Air Miles I need to get a new camera (hopefully in time for the Olympics!! yay!)

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Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Great photos.. and that fruit looks delicious!