Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll

Just finished reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Quite an interesting read - and I had sort of forgotten what I knew about the story (which is creepily accurate by the way). Quite an interesting commentary on the role of man as God and, in my opinion it is beyond a simple allegory of good and evil - it is constantly going back and forth between the two and there is definitely confusion between the two - are they really that separate? I dunno, some think differently I guess.
Anyway, now I'm trying to find a movie version of the book and according to imdb there are approximately 53 versions?? Including one coming out this year starring Forest Whittaker and 50 cent. hmmm.... But I'm gonna assume the best one is the one starring Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman and directed by Victor Fleming. Just a guess, but it seems quite different from the book - which is to be expected - this book does not read like it would be a good movie. If you've seen any versions let me know!

Yesterday I made my first soup!! I decided recently that I really love soups but I was always too intimidated to make one for some reason. Yesterday I made this corn chowder and it was quite easy actually (I followed a recipe of course) and it turned out great! It was perfect for such a foggy day!

Also, those Air Miles I got last weekend from *making my mom* shop at Safeway (thanks Mom :) finally came in today. So I ordered a new camera!! Its definitely not top of the line but it is a Canon and it will let me take more than 2 pictures before the batteries die. And its free! The only thing is - I was hoping to get it before we leave for the Olympics which is in 4 weeks but it says the camera will ship in 4 weeks - so here's hoping it comes early!! But I sort of doubt it will which is unfortunate. But that's ok I'll have it after and that's good too.

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charyssa l said...

Forest Whittaker and 50 cent, eh??? what a joke. haha ;)