I got my camera!!!

Well, I guess I didn't really need to worry about getting my camera on time - I got it today!! It only took a week to get to me which I think is pretty impressive. This camera is so great I can't wait to start trying it out!!

I just took a couple quick pictures of a project I've been working on for the last little while.

I had a coupon to get free prints from ColourInc They're a pretty sweet company to deal with actually! They're always offering special deals. Anyway, you have to download this program, select your pictures and size etc, its really easy but I kept putting it off. Finally I ordered them and got them in a couple days! The pictures were beautiful.

Back around Christmas time I had taken out my old typewriter that I got last summer and made up these calendar pages. It took a while because I had to figure out the spacing and everything but it turned out pretty good.

I put them up the day I got the pictures and I have to say I love it. I don't ever use the type of calendars that you write on - I just like the pretty pictures - so I figured I'd just select a bunch of pictures I like (they were just ones I had saved on my pictures - I didn't actually take any of them) and make my own calendar.

Plus, there's a little pocket for each month so I can put little movie stubs, etc in there.

These pictures were taken with my new camera - you might not think these are excellent pictures but its cuz they were taken in my dark basement bedroom - I can tell the difference!

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Hannah said...

I can tots tell the difference too! Yay for new technology!!!!
I was doing recording today . . . technology blows my mind!