On the half pipe

So last night we went to more of the Worlds Competitions of snow sports - this time - Snowboarding! I haven't watched much of snowboarding - half-pipe - on TV really, and definitely never in person. We got there early so we could climb up the side of the hill. It was amazing to see them go up each of the sides of this 22 foot halfpipe and then do flips and twists like 10 feet above the sides - soaring right in front of us!!

It was a bit tricky to get a good picture - plus I'm still trying to figure out my new camera let alone in these interesting conditions. For most of the night there wasn't any wind, but it was steadily snowing so the flakes just seemed to be hovering in the sky. This picture doesn't really show what it looks like exactly but I think it looks cool still.

And what else have I been doing?
Keeping a steady supply of these in my pocket at all times to pop into my mouth or hot chocolate.
I think it's one of the greatest feelings in the world to pull out candy from your pocket. haha. I always try to keep a mint or something in my coat pocket for those times of boredom/craving/a perfect moment. Although my friend's mom said once that she thought it was very strange how Caucasians always seem to have a pocketful of candy or sunflower seeds at the most random times. haha our incessant need to snack. She probably saw me. :)


I got my camera!!!

Well, I guess I didn't really need to worry about getting my camera on time - I got it today!! It only took a week to get to me which I think is pretty impressive. This camera is so great I can't wait to start trying it out!!

I just took a couple quick pictures of a project I've been working on for the last little while.

I had a coupon to get free prints from ColourInc They're a pretty sweet company to deal with actually! They're always offering special deals. Anyway, you have to download this program, select your pictures and size etc, its really easy but I kept putting it off. Finally I ordered them and got them in a couple days! The pictures were beautiful.

Back around Christmas time I had taken out my old typewriter that I got last summer and made up these calendar pages. It took a while because I had to figure out the spacing and everything but it turned out pretty good.

I put them up the day I got the pictures and I have to say I love it. I don't ever use the type of calendars that you write on - I just like the pretty pictures - so I figured I'd just select a bunch of pictures I like (they were just ones I had saved on my pictures - I didn't actually take any of them) and make my own calendar.

Plus, there's a little pocket for each month so I can put little movie stubs, etc in there.

These pictures were taken with my new camera - you might not think these are excellent pictures but its cuz they were taken in my dark basement bedroom - I can tell the difference!


Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll

Just finished reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Quite an interesting read - and I had sort of forgotten what I knew about the story (which is creepily accurate by the way). Quite an interesting commentary on the role of man as God and, in my opinion it is beyond a simple allegory of good and evil - it is constantly going back and forth between the two and there is definitely confusion between the two - are they really that separate? I dunno, some think differently I guess.
Anyway, now I'm trying to find a movie version of the book and according to imdb there are approximately 53 versions?? Including one coming out this year starring Forest Whittaker and 50 cent. hmmm.... But I'm gonna assume the best one is the one starring Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman and directed by Victor Fleming. Just a guess, but it seems quite different from the book - which is to be expected - this book does not read like it would be a good movie. If you've seen any versions let me know!

Yesterday I made my first soup!! I decided recently that I really love soups but I was always too intimidated to make one for some reason. Yesterday I made this corn chowder and it was quite easy actually (I followed a recipe of course) and it turned out great! It was perfect for such a foggy day!

Also, those Air Miles I got last weekend from *making my mom* shop at Safeway (thanks Mom :) finally came in today. So I ordered a new camera!! Its definitely not top of the line but it is a Canon and it will let me take more than 2 pictures before the batteries die. And its free! The only thing is - I was hoping to get it before we leave for the Olympics which is in 4 weeks but it says the camera will ship in 4 weeks - so here's hoping it comes early!! But I sort of doubt it will which is unfortunate. But that's ok I'll have it after and that's good too.


Ginger Molasses

Today I:

Made cookies - ginger molasses cookies! So yummy.
And I'm taking care of my sick mom, and preparing for a big interview tomorrow morning.
I guess I should have doubled the batch though - it doesn't look like very many - especially since my Dad has to take half to work tomorrow! oops.. maybe more cooking making is in my near future...
I just graduated from college and I'm trying to get a job, so I'm excited about this interview - I think it could be a really good job. So I'm putting a lot of work into preparing for this interview!!


A Little Taste of Calgary

My parents took me and my sister out for brunch this morning! It was delicious and in an awesome old house in part of Fort Calgary called the Deane House. They often do murder mysteries here which I think would be really cool. I *love* going out for breakfast ps.

This picture of my food is blurry but our brunch came with this awesome bowl of fruit - the thing with leaves is a gooseberry! Then we also had scones and I had french toast with carmelized peaches and raspberry sauce and whipped cream! I was so stuffed!!

I sort of look like I have horns here!

This house was so cool! I loved the wallpaper and wood! We snuck upstairs to take these pictures!

This is the Calgary skyline. On the right, that building under construction is going to be The Bow by Norman Foster whose firm, Foster and Partners (check out their website for some seriously cool pics) did such other famous and beautiful buildings such as 30 St Mary Axe in London (the Gherkin), the Millennium Bridge in London (the one that gets destroyed in the 6th Harry Potter movie!, the Great Court in the British Museum, and many others in other cities besides London haha. Its very cool that Calgary will be home to a work of Foster - I'm really excited to see the finished product in 2011!

And now I'm off to collect the last Air Miles I need to get a new camera (hopefully in time for the Olympics!! yay!)


Olympic Warmup

Have I mentioned I'm going to the Olympics?? We're starting to count down the days. My family and I are heading to Whistler for the second week of the Winter Olympics in February!! We are so stoked.

This past weekend there were some events here that got us pretty psyched!! Calgary was hosting the Worlds Competition of aerials and moguls and I went to see them! They were so cool! I'm actually going to be seeing aerials at the Olympics!

This is the mogul run - I can't believe these guys. Also - my dad feels like he looks really old in this pic haha I think its just his silly toque.