Happy Half Unbirthday to me!

Happy December! We got a nice surprise around here - it has been so nice pretty much up until yesterday for December 1st.
And then we got blanketed with a ton of snow. Its still snowing now actually. It's on and off. It looks beautiful and I was so ready for it!!
Definitely getting me into the Christmas mood. And the Christmas parties have started - had shortbread and hot apple cider this morning! And this weekend is the annual Christmas musical at my school.

Sunday was my half birthday, and because I'm never with my friends from school on my birthday (May 29), and I'm also leaving soon, I decided we should do something to celebrate! So we went to see a movie - The Blind Side. Its your typical high school football movie with a couple twists, but because I grew up on Remember the Titans, I liked it alot!

Then we went to Tim Hortons and got a half dozen donuts! (catch the theme? - we didn't until the drive home haha)
And obviously excited for -
Just 5 days of classes, 3 exams, and a few assignments left in my (foreseeable) college career! i'm getting sad to leave, but sometimes I get excited about all the things I'm gonna do now that I have time for them. Lots of reading and creating.

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Kass said...

wow, i can't believe all that snow!

Congratulations with almost being done with college!