Christmastime is here.

Last night I went here

and made these.



One more week

One more week until my life as I know it is over. The past few weeks have been a flurry with many papers to write, and a grad interview process to go through. I have three exams and a project next week and then next Saturday I am packing up Mowgli and driving away. Its really weird to think about. I'm getting really excited for Christmas and to be back in Calgary with my friends and family, but I haven't really thought about what my life is actually going to look like in the new year. And I'm very sad to be leaving my friends here at school, knowing they'll continue the year without me. Hopefully I'll find a job lined up soon so I have something to be excited about.

Right now I'm packing, studying, hanging out with friends, and enjoying my (pretty much) daily cup of hot chocolate. shameful but not ashamed.

Oh and this is before the -30C weather we've been having for the past week which has consisted of jeans and boots and scarves and not much creativity.

Oh! and funny story - last night I had been to a concert of my friend Lowana Wallace (she has an awesome christmas album on iTunes you should check it out) and when I got back I was anticipating a house to myself. But I came in to some strange noises and many pairs of strange shoes in the doorway. Confused, I entered the living room to find five of my friends chilling watching a movie! I thought it was hilarious, they felt bad for a bit, but I think when I offered them cookies and sat down and watched with them (of course! they were watching the Life Aquatic) they realized I was cool with it. I guess when you live in dorms, coming to a house is really nice. :)


Happy Half Unbirthday to me!

Happy December! We got a nice surprise around here - it has been so nice pretty much up until yesterday for December 1st.
And then we got blanketed with a ton of snow. Its still snowing now actually. It's on and off. It looks beautiful and I was so ready for it!!
Definitely getting me into the Christmas mood. And the Christmas parties have started - had shortbread and hot apple cider this morning! And this weekend is the annual Christmas musical at my school.

Sunday was my half birthday, and because I'm never with my friends from school on my birthday (May 29), and I'm also leaving soon, I decided we should do something to celebrate! So we went to see a movie - The Blind Side. Its your typical high school football movie with a couple twists, but because I grew up on Remember the Titans, I liked it alot!

Then we went to Tim Hortons and got a half dozen donuts! (catch the theme? - we didn't until the drive home haha)
And obviously excited for -
Just 5 days of classes, 3 exams, and a few assignments left in my (foreseeable) college career! i'm getting sad to leave, but sometimes I get excited about all the things I'm gonna do now that I have time for them. Lots of reading and creating.