Ring in the season!

Today I
- had turkey bacon that my roommate made me! quite good and not fatty actually (although the lady next to her at the grocery store said it was gross when she announce her purchase!)
- finished off the apple butter that my mom made for me last year - I just never got around to eating it til this year! Best Thing Ever.
- Had a quiz in my early morning class - but did ok
- went to go get eggs from the farm but they were out! next time i'm bringing my camera!
- wrote 4 pages on my worldviews paper and finished it! yay!
- sort of accidentally made tuna veggie lasagna for supper. It looks and sounds gross, but it tastes okay. I wouldn't impose it on anyone else though...

i took a break to compile a christmas wish list. I don't really want to share the whole thing on here all at once though cuz I got excited and it might look a little greedy! haha I don't even expect to get half of it all. But maybe i'll slowly put up some of the things. Here though is one thing I really am liking right now. Rings. Let me show you some inspiration.

Now these are the beautiful expensive ones --

And here are the cheap but nice ones from forever 21 that I like. Theres actually tons on their website.

Have a great day everyone!


February will be grand.

I'm in the midst of the craziest part of my semester, currently. And in the midst of it, I had two interviews last week for a job to start in January. I find out at the end of the week if I got it. It would be a good job, I think - an ideal one to start with just out of college.

I also have lots of papers, presentations, portfolios and projects due right around now. But I've gotten so much done in last two days that I thought I would take a second and show this cool installation that I hope to see when I go to Vancouver for the Olympics in February! Getting very excited about that by the way. Can't really believe how soon it is. This blog post tells a little bit about it, but its somewhat unclear. Anyway, these pictures show it still in protective wrap. It just arrived in Vanier Park, Vancouver from China. I'm assuming it will be unveiled in time for the Olympics. Its described as "Seriously jaw-droppingly amazing 90′ long silver sculpture that looks like a giant mercury splash imitating the wings of a gull seen through rain streaked glass."

The artist's name is Jun Ren, whose website appears to not be working. Anyway, this looks cool already, I can't wait to see what it actually looks like!


All in the family

I had seen some pictures of these silhouettes and thought they looked pretty so a while back (and just recently finished up) I made these silhouettes. I'm in the middle surrounded by my lovely roommate Hannah and our cat Duckie! Ideally, they would be framed, but we're on a severely lacking student's budget here folks! These are up on the wall at the bottom of the stairs like true family portraits.

My inspiration -

Pictures from Poppytalk

If you know me or Han (or Duckie!) let me know if you think it's a true likeness!!



I could actually wear this t-shirt and not feel embarrassed because I haven't actually been there. Is it possible to love New York without having been there? I have lists of places I want to go, know a lot about the city, I even ask people if they saw certain exhibits that I know were on at the time. I really need to go soon, its getting ridiculous.