You are what you eat.

Peter Menzel did a really interesting photo essay called The Hungry Planet which shows what 15 families from around the world eat, what their favorite foods are, and how much they spend per week on groceries. Its really interesting to see the varying amounts families spend on food, and also who is included in families around the world. Its good to remind ourselves that how we live isn't how other people live. And think about why we do live the way we do.

Check out the rest of the families here.


Marian said...

that post title is so true and would love to watch this documentary essay

Mom said...

Wow, that was so interesting. Not only the different food and how much they spend, but the size of the families, the clothes and the homes. Kind of sobering. I've never heard of half of the places. Did you notice the Digestive cookies with the British pounds??

yiqin; said...

Ah true :/

Sarah Von said...

So interesting!