All in the family

I had seen some pictures of these silhouettes and thought they looked pretty so a while back (and just recently finished up) I made these silhouettes. I'm in the middle surrounded by my lovely roommate Hannah and our cat Duckie! Ideally, they would be framed, but we're on a severely lacking student's budget here folks! These are up on the wall at the bottom of the stairs like true family portraits.

My inspiration -

Pictures from Poppytalk

If you know me or Han (or Duckie!) let me know if you think it's a true likeness!!


Shauna said...

michelle! i don't know why i didn't see this before! it just showed up on my blog feed thing (stupid) and I LOVE THEM! they are amazing! i think it's definitely a true likeness!

Mich said...

nah its cool - i just had some technical difficulties. thanks! maybe i'll make you some :)

Sarah Von said...

Ceee-ute! I love the profile of the cat!

Ian Elford said...

Those are cool!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Those are so sweet! You could try to find a frame at a second hand/thrift store, but they look nice enough without frames too. :)