xstsshk xnn - title written by duckie

This post will mostly just be showcasing my ridiculousness.

This week is our reading break but instead of going home (which I couldn't afford!) my friends came to visit me!! They came for a couple days we had a great time of shopping and food and coffee and Pictionary and limbo and music and conversation. It was so great.

Yesterday we went into Regina and went into my new favorite store! - Bulk Barn. Apparently it used to be only in the East Coast but there's one here now. Its all bulk food. So we got some candy and chocolate covered banana chips and coconut clustered cashews and this awesome sweet and salty party mix. So good!! Oh and I got my picture with THE Black Eyed Peas!

What a dork!

We went for lunch to the 13th Ave Coffeehouse - they have a MySpace!! hee hee. It is super cool - in an old house across from a cathedral. I also went the week before and got a delicious veggie burger (my first ever!). This time I got a huge veggie burrito that was also amazing. Definitely would recommend.

Then we spent just over two hours at Value Village!! yeah... we really love that store. I "succeeded" in not buying anything - cuz I can't afford it and I didn't need anything but we tried cool stuff on!!

I wanted this jacket so badly but I couldn't decide what I would make it into for a Halloween costume (Lady GaGa??) or else I was scared I would end up wearing it on a normal day cuz I loved it so much. haha


You are what you eat.

Peter Menzel did a really interesting photo essay called The Hungry Planet which shows what 15 families from around the world eat, what their favorite foods are, and how much they spend per week on groceries. Its really interesting to see the varying amounts families spend on food, and also who is included in families around the world. Its good to remind ourselves that how we live isn't how other people live. And think about why we do live the way we do.

Check out the rest of the families here.