Lazing on a Saturday Afternoon

Remember Duckie? She's quite the skinny little cat even though she's a year and a few months old now!

Mmmm... the other night we slept outside! It was glorious. Its been so warm here lately that we were actually able to without freezing. And I had a great sleep too - I only woke up twice - at 2 and then at 6:30 for the sunrise! And I saw four shooting stars.

Today, I'm just settling down with a pot of tea and the book I need to finish reading for Tuesday. Its on the life of the apostle Paul. Then I have to read an article, and a huge chunk of "Of This Earth" by Rudy Wiebe for my Canadian Literature class. Lots to do!!

Movie watchers - need a laugh? Check out this hilarious cartoon.
Oh and I got some new shorts! For a whole $3 at Joe Fresh.

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yiqin; said...

I love that shirt! Suits you really well!