I wish it could be.

Currently reading: Tess of the D'Urbervilles for the first time. Quite enjoying it - when I have time. But I actually am making time - I've been going to bed delightfully early (on school nights that is) and so read for a bit before turning out my lights. Its different enough from the reading I have to do for school that I actually want to do it!

Today: Drinking some hot chocolate with marshmallows and catching up on reading (for school.) Also, staying warm inside and thankful I live in a house because there is a severe wind warning right now and it is crazy out there! Everyone have a great Sunday!


Ian Elford said...

I love that book!!

Shauna said...

mmm i want some hot chocolate!!
there's a gorgeous copy of that book at chapters!! OOO i want it, but def can't afford it.