Who has seen the wind?

We have had some extreme weather here recently! Its been so windy we actually have been having a wind warning a couple times! It literally went from being 30 degrees (Celsius) and Summer to around 10 degrees and Autumn.

Funny Story: The other night I was at a friend's house - well they actually live in a trailer (mobile home) and it started to get reeaaally windy. We heard this big bang against the side of the trailer and looked out the window and saw a big sheet of metal rolling down the street! A little freaked out, we opened the side door to see what hit the trailer. Well, it was this long piece of wood that looked like it had hit just above the door and thankfully didn't break the window! But then we discovered what had been damaged! The trailer two doors down's roof had blown off! There was one huge sheet of metal hanging off scraping against their van, and another flapping in the wind. I unfortunately did not get a picture but it was quite amazing. Nobody was hurt, so I can say that it was pretty funny but a little freaky at the same time. That's living on the prairies for ya!

Last night, I went to watch some girls I know play volleyball - I like to pretend I'm sporty when I go to things like this but then someone asks if I played - being tall and all - and I have to admit that i had zero hand-eye coordination as a child and negative interest in playing sports. Now, though, I think I'm getting better and more interested. I thought that was supposed to be reversed..


I wish it could be.

Currently reading: Tess of the D'Urbervilles for the first time. Quite enjoying it - when I have time. But I actually am making time - I've been going to bed delightfully early (on school nights that is) and so read for a bit before turning out my lights. Its different enough from the reading I have to do for school that I actually want to do it!

Today: Drinking some hot chocolate with marshmallows and catching up on reading (for school.) Also, staying warm inside and thankful I live in a house because there is a severe wind warning right now and it is crazy out there! Everyone have a great Sunday!


Lazing on a Saturday Afternoon

Remember Duckie? She's quite the skinny little cat even though she's a year and a few months old now!

Mmmm... the other night we slept outside! It was glorious. Its been so warm here lately that we were actually able to without freezing. And I had a great sleep too - I only woke up twice - at 2 and then at 6:30 for the sunrise! And I saw four shooting stars.

Today, I'm just settling down with a pot of tea and the book I need to finish reading for Tuesday. Its on the life of the apostle Paul. Then I have to read an article, and a huge chunk of "Of This Earth" by Rudy Wiebe for my Canadian Literature class. Lots to do!!

Movie watchers - need a laugh? Check out this hilarious cartoon.
Oh and I got some new shorts! For a whole $3 at Joe Fresh.


Its fall now apparently.

Well, I'm finally feeling settled in at school and everything. Its my last semester- I can't really believe that I'm almost done school. And for the first time in my life I won't be going back to school after Christmas. Its exciting and terrifying at the same time. Obviously.

I'm trying to make the most of my last semester. One thing that I just started doing is statistics at sports games! I was pretty intimidated at first, but this past weekend I did volleyball and basketball and really enjoyed it! I've already learned a lot I didn't know about the games - I used to always watch them but I didn't really know all the rules - especially basketball. Its really fun! I'm also trying to make the most of this semester and do really good in all my classes so I'm spending time in the library and keeping on top of all my reading. Its going pretty good - I really like all my classes this semester so that is definitely a plus.

I also started the 30 day shred again yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to keep that up.
Here's a little outfit shot.
Oh and I just cut my bangs yesterday - a little bit shorter than I anticipated but what I love about it is that it changes your look quite a bit, and if its a little off, they settle themselves out pretty quickly. And if they seem a bit uneven, I did fix them a bit today. :)

That bracelet is from Florence - I got it like four years ago?