what a weekend should be

I always feel happy when I have accomplished alot in a day. Like this weekend - we left at 6 am on Saturday drove down to Idaho (about 7 hours), got ready and went to a wedding that afternoon. We stayed in a hotel that night and the next morning left at around 9:30 with a quick stop at the lake, went out for lunch, visited with my great aunt and uncle - who are so sweet and fun, and stopped by a sweet yard sale and then got home at about 9:30 on Sunday. I was definitely tired today, but it was a great weekend and even though it was only two days, we saw so much and did so much that it definitely felt like a mini-vacation.

Here are some of the things that made it awesome though
  • Drove through mountains nearly the whole way
  • There was dancing at the wedding!
  • Had two random run-ins with people I didn't really know (guests of the same wedding at Tim Horton's, and the brother of a friend of mine while making waffles at Super 8 in the morning) - I love random run ins!!
  • We got to wade in the lake and sit on the dock - and the water wasn't too cold
  • We had a picnic with really good bread, buns, and scones haha - my mom had been to the bakery
  • We went to this awesome, huge old "yard sale" that was like the size of 6 thrift stores at least. Alot of junk but cool junk. We had 20 minutes and I managed to find what I've been looking for for ages - an old typewriter!! For a buck! I was so excited about it. And my sister found a polaroid camera for $3. Very good haul - but I so badly want to go back and spend hours poring through all the stuff he had.
  • Got to see family - I have very limited extended family so its always really special to me to get to see some, and they're so cool - my aunt goes on exotic trips all the times and showed us her wall of masks that she's collected from literally around the world. Her next trip is to Burma (her fourth time) and Vietnam.
  • We went out for lunch to this place called Mr. Mike's and I had the West Coast Chicken Filo - absolutely tremendous. It was a chicken breast stuffed with crab and shrimp, wrapped in filo pastry with hollandaise sauce. And rice pilaf on the side.
  • We actually had quite a friendly border crossing dude - and no troubles! this was the first time I've used my passport since I went to Europe four years ago - so sad!!
  • We took lots of pictures that I will post soon.


Maverick Malone said...

Sounds fun!

Desiree said...

sounds like a fun trip. Just wanted to let you know I am having a give away go to: http://simplysimonsisters.blogspot.com/2009/08/envelope-journal-give-away.html to win!

Shauna said...

that was a sweet get away.