Week before school!

Here are some of my pictures from last weekend's trip down to the states. We went to see a friend's wedding and visited some family and stopped at a lake. It was really fun and nice to get away if only for 36 hours!!

The books I actually intended to read on the 14 hour drive time over two days. I started with Eat, Pray, Love and one week later I'm almost half done.

Tim Horton's - Classic Canadian road trip staple.

What I wore to the wedding. As you can see in the next picture - there were bouncy things for the kids - sadly I could not take part.

One of the best parts of the wedding were these beautiful fans. I literally could not stop flicking this around and posing with it, pretending I was a Geisha.

Me and my sister Shauna.

I love lakes and boats - they just define summer to me.

Well, my last day of interning was great - we had cake, a fire drill (now I know how to evacuate in case I'm ever there visiting!), and they gave me some presents that were really thoughtful. We had a little party and it was really fun. They're awesome people.

So I have a tremendously long to do list for the next week as well as some much needed last hang out times before going back to school.
Soul searching and goal setting time at starbucks
Get gas and check my oil
vehicle registration
Buy a couple school supplies - gluesticks
print pictures
work on Summer mini-album
buy textbooks
finish internship writeup



kayLa said...

procrastination is key.

im doing quite well at this.

move day tomorrow... eek!

yiqin; said...

Great smile :D

bryna said...

i never read the amount of books that i intend to. i just daydream.