Paper cuts and dry hands

Tomorrow is my last day of interning at the theatre. This week we've been doing a huge mailout so I've literally spent 12 hours stuffing, labelling, stamping, and sealing envelopes. Thank goodness I was allowed to buy the envelope sealer sponge thing!! But that hasn't been what I usually do. I've gotten to do such cool stuff - some stuff I've mentioned before probably.
- work at and attend Patrick Watson concert
- work a crazy but fun Stampede party
- host a booth at the Calgary Folk Festival
- host a booth at the Calgary Sun Fest
- work and attend architecture event
- distribute marketing materials around Calgary
- write press releases, newsletters, and other things
- learn how to do box office and sell tickets and talk to alot of our patrons
- do research, become well acquainted with the Calgary arts community
- a lot of other stuff
- get to know some really cool and nice people.

Its been awesome. The plan is to come back in January when I'm done school (I have only one more semester left) and work part time doing front of house at more cool and fun events.

I go back to school next week - which is coming up quickly. That is, I plan on driving back to school (7 hour drive) if the forecast calls for rain, I will have to drive on Thursday or something, because my windshield wipers don't work in my car. Oh Mowgli... this is my car by the way that is miraculously still running. It just doesn't like rain, or traffic, or stopping for long, or hot days, or hills, or accelerating. But other than that... its alll mine.

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kayLa said...

you tell that little bugger to get you back here safely or i'll have a bone to pick with it!!!