August Post

Well, since I last posted, I've done a few things, seen a few people. I went to Virgin Festival -

My friend got free tickets to go to the Sunday - which was pretty awesome. The band I was most excited to see - Metric - were alright,

but I was mostly excited about a lesser known band called Library Voices. They're from Regina, Saskatchewan, and they put on a fantastic show. We danced our hearts out and felt that their concert made the festival worth it! (well, worth the $1 I spent on the bus to get there.) Then, later, we met them and they were the nicest people ever!!

Library Voices

Our local favorite - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and cool band

Shout Out Out Out Out Out - also awesome dancing music. We were just in a major dancing mood.
I also went to another wedding which was really fun. Can you believe I've only been to two weddings with dances? Why would you not have a dance is my personal opinion? My mom asked me today - "So you're going to have a dance at your wedding?"
Absolutely yes. No questions. I don't care what my husband or his family thinks - that could be a deciding factor.

Me at the wedding!! - this is my favorite dress - a shift from H&M. its great.

And last week, my parents took me and my sister to the Broadway showing of The Lion King. We had almost the "worst" seats - second last row in the theatre. But this place was so nice the seats were still pretty good. I felt that it could have been a little bit louder though. I really enjoyed it. My favorites were Rafiki and Scar, and my favorite song was I just can't wait to be King. I'd heard such raving reviews, that I think I expected a little more - but it was really good.

Two weeks exactly until I go back to school. I'm half excited and half not wanting to go back. So its good that I only have one more semester of school! I'm just ready to be done and start working and paying off this debt, and saving up for travel!!

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to Idaho/Washington for a really quick trip to go to a wedding - should be fun! And I'm planning on getting lots of reading done!!


kaYz* said...

I heard Shout Out Out Out Out Out is super good live, and I have never heard of Library Voices... what kind of music? I'm super jealous you went to Virgin Festival!

Mich said...

hey kayla! thanks for the comments by the way! i think i would describe library voices as everything i would want in a band. Dance-y, talented, full sound, funky, and awesome. haha you really just have to listen to it. Its not technically your "style" but I think you might like it.