Week before school!

Here are some of my pictures from last weekend's trip down to the states. We went to see a friend's wedding and visited some family and stopped at a lake. It was really fun and nice to get away if only for 36 hours!!

The books I actually intended to read on the 14 hour drive time over two days. I started with Eat, Pray, Love and one week later I'm almost half done.

Tim Horton's - Classic Canadian road trip staple.

What I wore to the wedding. As you can see in the next picture - there were bouncy things for the kids - sadly I could not take part.

One of the best parts of the wedding were these beautiful fans. I literally could not stop flicking this around and posing with it, pretending I was a Geisha.

Me and my sister Shauna.

I love lakes and boats - they just define summer to me.

Well, my last day of interning was great - we had cake, a fire drill (now I know how to evacuate in case I'm ever there visiting!), and they gave me some presents that were really thoughtful. We had a little party and it was really fun. They're awesome people.

So I have a tremendously long to do list for the next week as well as some much needed last hang out times before going back to school.
Soul searching and goal setting time at starbucks
Get gas and check my oil
vehicle registration
Buy a couple school supplies - gluesticks
print pictures
work on Summer mini-album
buy textbooks
finish internship writeup



Paper cuts and dry hands

Tomorrow is my last day of interning at the theatre. This week we've been doing a huge mailout so I've literally spent 12 hours stuffing, labelling, stamping, and sealing envelopes. Thank goodness I was allowed to buy the envelope sealer sponge thing!! But that hasn't been what I usually do. I've gotten to do such cool stuff - some stuff I've mentioned before probably.
- work at and attend Patrick Watson concert
- work a crazy but fun Stampede party
- host a booth at the Calgary Folk Festival
- host a booth at the Calgary Sun Fest
- work and attend architecture event
- distribute marketing materials around Calgary
- write press releases, newsletters, and other things
- learn how to do box office and sell tickets and talk to alot of our patrons
- do research, become well acquainted with the Calgary arts community
- a lot of other stuff
- get to know some really cool and nice people.

Its been awesome. The plan is to come back in January when I'm done school (I have only one more semester left) and work part time doing front of house at more cool and fun events.

I go back to school next week - which is coming up quickly. That is, I plan on driving back to school (7 hour drive) if the forecast calls for rain, I will have to drive on Thursday or something, because my windshield wipers don't work in my car. Oh Mowgli... this is my car by the way that is miraculously still running. It just doesn't like rain, or traffic, or stopping for long, or hot days, or hills, or accelerating. But other than that... its alll mine.


what a weekend should be

I always feel happy when I have accomplished alot in a day. Like this weekend - we left at 6 am on Saturday drove down to Idaho (about 7 hours), got ready and went to a wedding that afternoon. We stayed in a hotel that night and the next morning left at around 9:30 with a quick stop at the lake, went out for lunch, visited with my great aunt and uncle - who are so sweet and fun, and stopped by a sweet yard sale and then got home at about 9:30 on Sunday. I was definitely tired today, but it was a great weekend and even though it was only two days, we saw so much and did so much that it definitely felt like a mini-vacation.

Here are some of the things that made it awesome though
  • Drove through mountains nearly the whole way
  • There was dancing at the wedding!
  • Had two random run-ins with people I didn't really know (guests of the same wedding at Tim Horton's, and the brother of a friend of mine while making waffles at Super 8 in the morning) - I love random run ins!!
  • We got to wade in the lake and sit on the dock - and the water wasn't too cold
  • We had a picnic with really good bread, buns, and scones haha - my mom had been to the bakery
  • We went to this awesome, huge old "yard sale" that was like the size of 6 thrift stores at least. Alot of junk but cool junk. We had 20 minutes and I managed to find what I've been looking for for ages - an old typewriter!! For a buck! I was so excited about it. And my sister found a polaroid camera for $3. Very good haul - but I so badly want to go back and spend hours poring through all the stuff he had.
  • Got to see family - I have very limited extended family so its always really special to me to get to see some, and they're so cool - my aunt goes on exotic trips all the times and showed us her wall of masks that she's collected from literally around the world. Her next trip is to Burma (her fourth time) and Vietnam.
  • We went out for lunch to this place called Mr. Mike's and I had the West Coast Chicken Filo - absolutely tremendous. It was a chicken breast stuffed with crab and shrimp, wrapped in filo pastry with hollandaise sauce. And rice pilaf on the side.
  • We actually had quite a friendly border crossing dude - and no troubles! this was the first time I've used my passport since I went to Europe four years ago - so sad!!
  • We took lots of pictures that I will post soon.


August Post

Well, since I last posted, I've done a few things, seen a few people. I went to Virgin Festival -

My friend got free tickets to go to the Sunday - which was pretty awesome. The band I was most excited to see - Metric - were alright,

but I was mostly excited about a lesser known band called Library Voices. They're from Regina, Saskatchewan, and they put on a fantastic show. We danced our hearts out and felt that their concert made the festival worth it! (well, worth the $1 I spent on the bus to get there.) Then, later, we met them and they were the nicest people ever!!

Library Voices

Our local favorite - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and cool band

Shout Out Out Out Out Out - also awesome dancing music. We were just in a major dancing mood.
I also went to another wedding which was really fun. Can you believe I've only been to two weddings with dances? Why would you not have a dance is my personal opinion? My mom asked me today - "So you're going to have a dance at your wedding?"
Absolutely yes. No questions. I don't care what my husband or his family thinks - that could be a deciding factor.

Me at the wedding!! - this is my favorite dress - a shift from H&M. its great.

And last week, my parents took me and my sister to the Broadway showing of The Lion King. We had almost the "worst" seats - second last row in the theatre. But this place was so nice the seats were still pretty good. I felt that it could have been a little bit louder though. I really enjoyed it. My favorites were Rafiki and Scar, and my favorite song was I just can't wait to be King. I'd heard such raving reviews, that I think I expected a little more - but it was really good.

Two weeks exactly until I go back to school. I'm half excited and half not wanting to go back. So its good that I only have one more semester of school! I'm just ready to be done and start working and paying off this debt, and saving up for travel!!

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to Idaho/Washington for a really quick trip to go to a wedding - should be fun! And I'm planning on getting lots of reading done!!