Tuesday Wrapup

A couple days ago I spent about 45 minutes in the video rental store - they didn't have any of the movies I wanted to see! I was feeling so good about having a set plan going into the store but when they didn't have the movie i was planning to see - The Life Aquatic - I was at a loss. We finally ended up with There Will Be Blood.
I quite enjoyed this movie. Paul Dano was amazing in it. The themes of money and greed were very timely for me as I'm a struggling student doing a couple internships for no pay and trying to find a job in a lousy job market. It just reminded me that I can't let myself be consumed by the thoughts of money. It doesn't lead to good things. Anyway, I thought it was a very well done film and I'd recommend it.

I didn't finish a book this week except for a short biography of Ghandi that I read. It was quite interesting, I really didn't know anything about him before reading it. I think biographies can be quite interesting. I often find non-fiction quite hard to read for some reason, but its a goal of mine to read more of it.

As for music, this week I've been listening to Patrick Watson. I saw them back in May I think it was. He put on an amazing concert and has recently released a new album - Wooden Arms.

They were also just nominated for a Polaris Music Prize - an award given to the best Canadian album, based on artistic merit.


kaYz* said...

Interesting.... I may just have to rent that movie then. I totally thought it may have been apart of the Saw movies or something like that.

The Clothes Horse said...

Yes, thoughts/worries of money lead to no good. :)
P.S. There are several temperate rainforests in the US (think of Hawaii too!).

yiqin; said...

Great review! I must check it out.