So what ever happened to Harry Potter?

I went to watch the new Harry Potter on Wednesday. I was disappointed to see only two other people dressed up. I guess maybe if I had gone Tuesday night? Anyway, my sister and I decided to go the simple route but it was still fun.

This is the whole ensemble! - Gryffindor colours!! (obvi)

Even though you can’t even see the scar on Harry in the movie any more. Ive definitely heard mixed reviews about the movie but I think I had read enough interviews and articles going into it, that I knew it was going to be quite different from the book. Which I am fine with because I have separated the two in my mind and figure, I’ve already read the books – I know what actually happens, but of course I’d like to know more about, so why not give the fans “more” by writing new dialogue and scenes? I just think it makes sense. The movie itself was great! It was funny, scary, and beautiful! David Yates is said to have a distinct style and I think I like it.

Oooh!! News item!! David Yates is creating a movie of The Giver!! A most excellent book I read back in Grade 8. But of course that won’t be for some time as they are only filming the FIRST of the TWO Harry Potter 7’s. I guess he postponed the Giver to do Harry Potter, so maybe they’ll go with another director, but I hope this movie happens – I can only imagine its brilliance.

This is the outfit I was wearing before changing into my "costume."

I got this dress at Value Village a while ago - you can't really see, but its navy with little white polka dots. Its actually like ankle length but I just tuck it up! hee hee


Kat said...

Hi there! I like the dress! Great find.

Mila said...

hehe you guys look cool! :)

Ian Elford said...

I was actually pretty disappointed by the movie. Not by what they changed: I was expecting that, and I thought they did a fine job of that. I was more disappointed by the overused conventions in the movie, like the wands at the end. Very lame.

I did, however, really like Ron and Hermione, as well as Slughorn. Other than those three characters, though, I wasn't overly impressed.

The Clothes Horse said...

Your polka dot dress is adorable!