Snake Farm

So this weekend was super busy and fun - definitely a contender for best weekend of Summer 09!
Thursday, I worked at the theatre for an event featuring world-renowned architects presenting their designs the National Music Centre of Canada. Here are three of the five possibilites. It was so cool to witness these presentations! And I've decided I would like to marry an architect.

Then Friday I went to a friend's wedding and it was beautiful. I didn't have any batteries for my camera though so I don't have any pictures yet.

Then for the rest of the weekend, I was at the Calgary Folk Festival. I was there to host a booth for the theatre I'm interning for, on Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. It was a great time!! I got to meet and talk to a ton of people and see a few fun bands like - Arrested Development, Chad VanGaalen, Emily Wells, Kid Koala, Glen Campbell (haha), Steven Page, and Bellowhead - and some others too! It was great weather and although I was dead tired after, it was a really fun weekend.

That's Steven Page now that he's no longer lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies.
One of my favorite stories - this band Hayes Carll played a song called Snake Farm which everyone loved and continued to sing for the rest of the weekend. Its apparently a "folk classic" - not my style but you can't deny the hilarity. If you want to hear it there are a few versions on youtube. The lyrics are as follows -

Snake Farm, it just sounds nasty
Snake Farm, it pretty much is
Snake Farm, its a reptile house
Snake Farm, oOoOoOoO

Oh tomorrow I'm going to see 500 days of Summer which I'm super excited about!! The music is supposed to be great and Zooey Deschanel is my favorite especially her style. AND Matthew Gray Gubler (huge crush) is a "best friend" role. Its gonna be great. :)


kaYz* said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing summer Michelle. I'm envious!!

bryna said...

i agree, so many things you're doing!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

looks like you got perfect weather!
btw my friend just saw 500 Days of Summer and said it was good...he recommended it to me.