So I feel like I should say something about Michael just cuz I am known amongst my friends as being a big fan (so many people texted me that day! and thought of me when they heard! I didn't know I talked about him quite that much)

But, I must say I've been a fan for a while now - if I wasn't a student right now with very limited (negative) funds, I would definitely have tried very hard to get tickets to his show this summer. I was constantly bringing it up in conversation. I hope they still do the Broadway show Thriller! - (there's speculation about it being cancelled - but I doubt it). I think I first became a fan because of Free Willy - his music video on that video was the coolest thing I'd every seen and I'd watch it over and over even though my mom didn't like him.

I could definitely see how his dance moves influenced and changed dance as we know it today. I chose to sort of ignore the controversy (this might be a bad thing), and just focus on how much I love his music and his dancing.

But, I must say, I wasn't really surprised that this is how and when he died. Yes, I was shocked, but at the same time it seemed fitting. I never really anticipated him living for a long time (I"m actually a bit glad I don't have to see what he would look like when he was old!)

I love his music so much - and not just the few songs everyone knows (although I like his dance-y songs better than the ballads). I've already seen three musical tributes to MJ and that's here in Calgary! The internet is full of videos of tributes including this one from the same Philipino inmate group that performed the Thriller dance a while ago (which I actually like better).

They do a tribute to Michael Jackson featuring several of his songs from throughout his career. Its a bit long so you might want to skip to 7:30.

So while I don't really respect his lifestyle and many of the decisions he made (although I'm recently understanding further reasoning behind many of them), I greatly respect his musical talent and ability and the impact he had on dance and music. He will always be remembered.

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