Snake Farm

So this weekend was super busy and fun - definitely a contender for best weekend of Summer 09!
Thursday, I worked at the theatre for an event featuring world-renowned architects presenting their designs the National Music Centre of Canada. Here are three of the five possibilites. It was so cool to witness these presentations! And I've decided I would like to marry an architect.

Then Friday I went to a friend's wedding and it was beautiful. I didn't have any batteries for my camera though so I don't have any pictures yet.

Then for the rest of the weekend, I was at the Calgary Folk Festival. I was there to host a booth for the theatre I'm interning for, on Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. It was a great time!! I got to meet and talk to a ton of people and see a few fun bands like - Arrested Development, Chad VanGaalen, Emily Wells, Kid Koala, Glen Campbell (haha), Steven Page, and Bellowhead - and some others too! It was great weather and although I was dead tired after, it was a really fun weekend.

That's Steven Page now that he's no longer lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies.
One of my favorite stories - this band Hayes Carll played a song called Snake Farm which everyone loved and continued to sing for the rest of the weekend. Its apparently a "folk classic" - not my style but you can't deny the hilarity. If you want to hear it there are a few versions on youtube. The lyrics are as follows -

Snake Farm, it just sounds nasty
Snake Farm, it pretty much is
Snake Farm, its a reptile house
Snake Farm, oOoOoOoO

Oh tomorrow I'm going to see 500 days of Summer which I'm super excited about!! The music is supposed to be great and Zooey Deschanel is my favorite especially her style. AND Matthew Gray Gubler (huge crush) is a "best friend" role. Its gonna be great. :)


So what ever happened to Harry Potter?

I went to watch the new Harry Potter on Wednesday. I was disappointed to see only two other people dressed up. I guess maybe if I had gone Tuesday night? Anyway, my sister and I decided to go the simple route but it was still fun.

This is the whole ensemble! - Gryffindor colours!! (obvi)

Even though you can’t even see the scar on Harry in the movie any more. Ive definitely heard mixed reviews about the movie but I think I had read enough interviews and articles going into it, that I knew it was going to be quite different from the book. Which I am fine with because I have separated the two in my mind and figure, I’ve already read the books – I know what actually happens, but of course I’d like to know more about, so why not give the fans “more” by writing new dialogue and scenes? I just think it makes sense. The movie itself was great! It was funny, scary, and beautiful! David Yates is said to have a distinct style and I think I like it.

Oooh!! News item!! David Yates is creating a movie of The Giver!! A most excellent book I read back in Grade 8. But of course that won’t be for some time as they are only filming the FIRST of the TWO Harry Potter 7’s. I guess he postponed the Giver to do Harry Potter, so maybe they’ll go with another director, but I hope this movie happens – I can only imagine its brilliance.

This is the outfit I was wearing before changing into my "costume."

I got this dress at Value Village a while ago - you can't really see, but its navy with little white polka dots. Its actually like ankle length but I just tuck it up! hee hee



I'm so excited! I'm going to see this tonight! Sounds like its gonna be all about the romantic antics haha. I'll have to work to hold in the squeals of delight hahaha


Tuesday Wrapup

A couple days ago I spent about 45 minutes in the video rental store - they didn't have any of the movies I wanted to see! I was feeling so good about having a set plan going into the store but when they didn't have the movie i was planning to see - The Life Aquatic - I was at a loss. We finally ended up with There Will Be Blood.
I quite enjoyed this movie. Paul Dano was amazing in it. The themes of money and greed were very timely for me as I'm a struggling student doing a couple internships for no pay and trying to find a job in a lousy job market. It just reminded me that I can't let myself be consumed by the thoughts of money. It doesn't lead to good things. Anyway, I thought it was a very well done film and I'd recommend it.

I didn't finish a book this week except for a short biography of Ghandi that I read. It was quite interesting, I really didn't know anything about him before reading it. I think biographies can be quite interesting. I often find non-fiction quite hard to read for some reason, but its a goal of mine to read more of it.

As for music, this week I've been listening to Patrick Watson. I saw them back in May I think it was. He put on an amazing concert and has recently released a new album - Wooden Arms.

They were also just nominated for a Polaris Music Prize - an award given to the best Canadian album, based on artistic merit.


Popping Bubbles

On the weekend I was fortuneate enough to be able to join my family in Canmore at a condo there for a few days. We spent the time swimming, hiking, picnic-ing, reading, hot-tubbing, and some high class tea drinking at the Banff Springs Hotel - one of my dreams is to stay there some day it is so beautiful.
Here are a few of my pics from the weekend!

We hiked up to these beautiful Grassi Lakes - the colour was amazing - I half expected to see a mermaid lounging on the rocks!

This is just one of the beautiful views from our hike. I just love the mountains and love living only an hour away.
The beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. It was completed in 1888, and used to be only accessed by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Its really beautiful and nestled right in the mountains - absolutely gorgeous!
I got jasmine tea - which was delicious and it came with almond biscotti and a little jar of honey. We ate outside on the patio and watched some people set up for a wedding!
And this is the town of Banff. I'm not a huge fan of the shopping in Banff - I think Canmore actually has some better places. Banff is a bit more touristy but you have to go there still. I'm quite proud of it.

Completely random - saw these pictures by Richard Heeks which I think are breathtaking. I would try to capture this myself but with my camera would probably fail miserably. I think its pretty amazing that these pictures capture that split second - something we can't even see with our own eyes.



So I feel like I should say something about Michael just cuz I am known amongst my friends as being a big fan (so many people texted me that day! and thought of me when they heard! I didn't know I talked about him quite that much)

But, I must say I've been a fan for a while now - if I wasn't a student right now with very limited (negative) funds, I would definitely have tried very hard to get tickets to his show this summer. I was constantly bringing it up in conversation. I hope they still do the Broadway show Thriller! - (there's speculation about it being cancelled - but I doubt it). I think I first became a fan because of Free Willy - his music video on that video was the coolest thing I'd every seen and I'd watch it over and over even though my mom didn't like him.

I could definitely see how his dance moves influenced and changed dance as we know it today. I chose to sort of ignore the controversy (this might be a bad thing), and just focus on how much I love his music and his dancing.

But, I must say, I wasn't really surprised that this is how and when he died. Yes, I was shocked, but at the same time it seemed fitting. I never really anticipated him living for a long time (I"m actually a bit glad I don't have to see what he would look like when he was old!)

I love his music so much - and not just the few songs everyone knows (although I like his dance-y songs better than the ballads). I've already seen three musical tributes to MJ and that's here in Calgary! The internet is full of videos of tributes including this one from the same Philipino inmate group that performed the Thriller dance a while ago (which I actually like better).

They do a tribute to Michael Jackson featuring several of his songs from throughout his career. Its a bit long so you might want to skip to 7:30.

So while I don't really respect his lifestyle and many of the decisions he made (although I'm recently understanding further reasoning behind many of them), I greatly respect his musical talent and ability and the impact he had on dance and music. He will always be remembered.