Tuesday Wrapup

I thought that I would like to do a weekly feature on Tuesdays and review and discuss the movies, books, and music that I've seen/read/listened to that week.

So this past week, I've already mentioned that I went to the Coldplay concert. I also went to a concert in the park on Saturday night put on by the local university radio station. I missed the beginning but still got to see Brock Geiger - a solo acoustic act who then whipped out some Imogen Heap inspired sounds; Bill Hetherington and the Asian Tigers - Fun rock garage band - check out "How Long"; and Miesha and the Spanks - which you know by the title is gonna be unusual. This girl was amazing! She rocked so hard - she broke about 4 stings in their half hour show! AND she did it all while sitting because of her broken leg! Even though the band is made up of two people, it sounds like it could be at least 5. It was electric.

(didn't think to bring my camera though - sorry!)

So this summer, I really wanted to watch movies on that list that is all the movies that you should have seen by now but for some reason haven't. You know when everyone is talking about a classic movie and you mention you haven't actually seen it, and everyone faints in shock? Yah I thought I could avoid that a bit haha.

So I watched Jaws for the first time on Saturday (shock!). It was really good! I'm assuming most people have already seen it but I was inspired to watch more of Steven Spielberg's films that I haven't seen like.... Jurassic Park haha.

Anyway, while I wasn't as scared as I would have been if I had watched it back when it came out, it was a little scary a few times! haha but it was interesting because I had no idea what the actual story was about. Apparently, Jaws was the first summer blockbuster, especially because it appealed to all types of people. I think it was a really good movie!

Well, I've realized I'm stuck in a bit of a fantasy rut - In the last month I've finished Harry Potter, then read Twilight and New Moon - needed a major break from that, but didn't have a chance to get anything new so I just read The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis - first in the Chronicles of Narnia. I never was the biggest fan of these books. I was a huge Lord of the Rings fan back when the movies came out but just not really Narnia. (Although my claim to fame is that in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie- the kids say they're from Finchley (an area in London) and that's actually where I was staying and where I watched the movie - the crowd loved it!) But anyway... book was a bit boring in my opinion. Good, but I think I'm just needing a break from fantasy. My next book to read is "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" which I know I will like.

What are you guys reading/watching/listening to?

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The Clothes Horse said...

Jaws is a good summer watch. Right now I'm watching musicals, reading science fiction, and listening to The Decemberists new album.