Tuesday Wrapup Sled Island Edition!

Part 1 of 2 - It was just getting too long!! Also, be click-happy and click to see these bands' Myspaces and discover some awesome new music! Let me know which ones you liked!
So, as I've mentioned I was a volunteer at Sled Island. I was a venue manager one night (wasn't near as stressful as it could have been which was awesome), and security the next. It went really well, met some new people (including band members!), and got some free stuff - including a wristband to the rest of the festival so I made the most of it.

*Disclaimer - none of these pictures are mine. I was far too busy (and my camera is far too crappy) to take any (good) pictures. So these are from the Sled Island stream on Flickr. Thanks!*

My Highlights - I definitely didn't see everything!!
  • Final Fantasy - Owen Pallett blew us out of the water on Wednesday at the Central United Church. He played his violin and sang at the same time, then recorded it with his super intense pedal (that had like 10 pedals in it?!) and created amazing music in front of our eyes.

  • The SSRI's - these guys were all right - it was really loud and crazy - a good kickoff to the festival. It was at Tubby Dog - where I venue managed later on. Oh Tubby Dog is a restaurant that serves hot dogs - I had an A-Bomb with kethup, mustard, mayo, cheese, bacon, and chips. A little insane but it was good. My friend had a PB&J! Yes, peanut butter and jelly AND Cap'n Crunch. haha It was a fun experience (and free for volunteers.)

  • The Superfantastics - This super-cute duo from Halifax was really good. They're a bit more indie-pop than indie-rock and are on tour through BC right now so go check them out. They were quite enjoyable.
  • Random photos without much to say -
The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - quite well-known here in Calgary. Quite a folksy band which I don't normally like but these guys were good.

This band is called Zebra Pulse, I didn't even actually get to see them but wanted to include this picture because some of you know this guy - his name is Parker.

To be continued....

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