This is the life I do not want -
1) attend four-year university
2) meet your special someone while attending said university
3) graduate
4) get your starter job
5) marry special someone
6) advance in your job
7) baby #1
8) buy a house
9) baby #2
10) move to the suburbs, eat out exclusively at Olive Garden, spend your weekends engaging in lawn care and taking kids to soccer practice, slowly die inside.
via - yesandyes.org

I'm sure my life will follow a similar pattern, but I want to be spontaneous, have the freedom to do different things, live different places, see different things. I'm adventurous and a monotonus life just doesn't suit me.

So far my life is thus:
1. Move about 4 times in my childhood
2. Go to Bible College for six months and live in a castle in England
3. Travel Europe with friends and no money.
4. Go to college for three years and do not find significant other.
5. Do internships over the summer.
6. Make no concrete plans about the future.

What does your life look like?

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kirstyb said...

lol interesting post xoxox