Sled Island Wrapup Part Two

Ok, so this part two of my Sled Island Festival write up. I'm so glad I was volunteering for it. This is only their third year so it still felt like it was something new and exciting and that I'm joining their team. I'm definitely going to try to do it again next year.

The Breeders - I'm just gonna be honest here and say I couldn't really put my finger on what any of their songs were. But when I heard them, I knew several songs! They're really good. And here's my little claim to fame. Me and my friend were volunteering that night and securing the entrance for the bands/VIPs. The Breeders walked by and said "we're the Breeders" and then said that they liked our shirts! (They were the volunteer shirt but I'm still gonna take credit here.) And then later I talked to the drummer and he was really nice too!

This is a shot of Olympic Plaza where I did my second night of volunteering. Its a gorgeous outdoor venue downtown Calgary. There's often concerts there and I love it.

  • The Racoons - Another band I'd never heard of before, but loved! They're from Victoria and have been gaining popularity - they've been featured on CBC radio 3, and won a few awards here and there. Its referred to as "synth-driven garage rock delivered with precision." Its the precision part that nails it for me.

The Grim Beat - I knew nothing about this band before seeing them and absolutely fell in love!! They had a really raw sound and they were so young that I really felt like I was discovering something that will only get better. The bass player was unbelievable. I generally love the bass player in any band, but this guy was so great!! There was also a guy playing trumpet in a few songs. All four components of the band meshed so well; I was so impressed. This picture is actually just from their myspace - nothing from sled island yet.

Random others
And this is a picture of the Neckbeards, who I didn't really like, but if you look at the back of this picture - you can see me and my friend with the black shirts! Yah, the two blurry bits there. This is at Tubby Dog.

Oh, and every time I said I was volunteering at Sled Island, people thought I was saying something else... and this band member cut his shirt up short and wrote on it "Slut Island" which I thought was funny, just because that's what everyone thought I was volunteering for.

So, hopefully you found this somewhat interesting! I enjoyed recapping it. There's tons more that I saw, and even more that I didn't but these were some of the highlights. A wonderful time was had by all.

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