recovery mode

So this past week, I've been super busy volunteering at the
Sled Island Festival here in Calgary. I volunteered two nights and went the rest of the nights!! So 5 nights in a row of staying out til at least 1AM has me totally tired. I'm working on a big post for Tuesday wrapup that will cover it all, but for now I just want to say - one of my favorite things in life is music festivals. You see some bands you've been wanting to see, discover new bands, broaden your horizons, meet new people, and just have super fun times. Plus at this festival, which was held at various venues around the city, I got to see places I never I have been before.

I'm definitely making music festivals a priority in my life. And I really want to travel to go to some really cool ones. Someday, I would LOVE to go to Glastonbury, or Coachella, and camp and everything! I think that would be soo much fun. Also those big ones have some pretty sweet well-known bands! But I also like the small festivals with lots of bands you've never heard of before. There's something about that feeling that you're discovering something new that is just awesome.

I'm just going to leave you with this picture I found on the Coachella website from their lost and found. Did anyone go and lose their cell phone? There's also a page for cameras and keys and other stuff. I just thought this was pretty hilarious.

What festivals are you going to this summer?


Hannah-Leanne said...

There are some nice cell phones in there. Like four blackberrys. Oh man people and their stuff. though I can't talk. My keys are constantly lost.

Jana said...

My favourite event of the summer by far is always the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Now that we've moved to Edmonton, I had really hoped to attend the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. However, unlike Calgary's event, and totally unforeen by me, Edmonton apparently sells out in under a week. So I missed tickets. I am incredibly incredibly sad about this. Boo.