Sled Island Wrapup Part Two

Ok, so this part two of my Sled Island Festival write up. I'm so glad I was volunteering for it. This is only their third year so it still felt like it was something new and exciting and that I'm joining their team. I'm definitely going to try to do it again next year.

The Breeders - I'm just gonna be honest here and say I couldn't really put my finger on what any of their songs were. But when I heard them, I knew several songs! They're really good. And here's my little claim to fame. Me and my friend were volunteering that night and securing the entrance for the bands/VIPs. The Breeders walked by and said "we're the Breeders" and then said that they liked our shirts! (They were the volunteer shirt but I'm still gonna take credit here.) And then later I talked to the drummer and he was really nice too!

This is a shot of Olympic Plaza where I did my second night of volunteering. Its a gorgeous outdoor venue downtown Calgary. There's often concerts there and I love it.

  • The Racoons - Another band I'd never heard of before, but loved! They're from Victoria and have been gaining popularity - they've been featured on CBC radio 3, and won a few awards here and there. Its referred to as "synth-driven garage rock delivered with precision." Its the precision part that nails it for me.

The Grim Beat - I knew nothing about this band before seeing them and absolutely fell in love!! They had a really raw sound and they were so young that I really felt like I was discovering something that will only get better. The bass player was unbelievable. I generally love the bass player in any band, but this guy was so great!! There was also a guy playing trumpet in a few songs. All four components of the band meshed so well; I was so impressed. This picture is actually just from their myspace - nothing from sled island yet.

Random others
And this is a picture of the Neckbeards, who I didn't really like, but if you look at the back of this picture - you can see me and my friend with the black shirts! Yah, the two blurry bits there. This is at Tubby Dog.

Oh, and every time I said I was volunteering at Sled Island, people thought I was saying something else... and this band member cut his shirt up short and wrote on it "Slut Island" which I thought was funny, just because that's what everyone thought I was volunteering for.

So, hopefully you found this somewhat interesting! I enjoyed recapping it. There's tons more that I saw, and even more that I didn't but these were some of the highlights. A wonderful time was had by all.

Tuesday Wrapup Sled Island Edition!

Part 1 of 2 - It was just getting too long!! Also, be click-happy and click to see these bands' Myspaces and discover some awesome new music! Let me know which ones you liked!
So, as I've mentioned I was a volunteer at Sled Island. I was a venue manager one night (wasn't near as stressful as it could have been which was awesome), and security the next. It went really well, met some new people (including band members!), and got some free stuff - including a wristband to the rest of the festival so I made the most of it.

*Disclaimer - none of these pictures are mine. I was far too busy (and my camera is far too crappy) to take any (good) pictures. So these are from the Sled Island stream on Flickr. Thanks!*

My Highlights - I definitely didn't see everything!!
  • Final Fantasy - Owen Pallett blew us out of the water on Wednesday at the Central United Church. He played his violin and sang at the same time, then recorded it with his super intense pedal (that had like 10 pedals in it?!) and created amazing music in front of our eyes.

  • The SSRI's - these guys were all right - it was really loud and crazy - a good kickoff to the festival. It was at Tubby Dog - where I venue managed later on. Oh Tubby Dog is a restaurant that serves hot dogs - I had an A-Bomb with kethup, mustard, mayo, cheese, bacon, and chips. A little insane but it was good. My friend had a PB&J! Yes, peanut butter and jelly AND Cap'n Crunch. haha It was a fun experience (and free for volunteers.)

  • The Superfantastics - This super-cute duo from Halifax was really good. They're a bit more indie-pop than indie-rock and are on tour through BC right now so go check them out. They were quite enjoyable.
  • Random photos without much to say -
The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - quite well-known here in Calgary. Quite a folksy band which I don't normally like but these guys were good.

This band is called Zebra Pulse, I didn't even actually get to see them but wanted to include this picture because some of you know this guy - his name is Parker.

To be continued....


recovery mode

So this past week, I've been super busy volunteering at the
Sled Island Festival here in Calgary. I volunteered two nights and went the rest of the nights!! So 5 nights in a row of staying out til at least 1AM has me totally tired. I'm working on a big post for Tuesday wrapup that will cover it all, but for now I just want to say - one of my favorite things in life is music festivals. You see some bands you've been wanting to see, discover new bands, broaden your horizons, meet new people, and just have super fun times. Plus at this festival, which was held at various venues around the city, I got to see places I never I have been before.

I'm definitely making music festivals a priority in my life. And I really want to travel to go to some really cool ones. Someday, I would LOVE to go to Glastonbury, or Coachella, and camp and everything! I think that would be soo much fun. Also those big ones have some pretty sweet well-known bands! But I also like the small festivals with lots of bands you've never heard of before. There's something about that feeling that you're discovering something new that is just awesome.

I'm just going to leave you with this picture I found on the Coachella website from their lost and found. Did anyone go and lose their cell phone? There's also a page for cameras and keys and other stuff. I just thought this was pretty hilarious.

What festivals are you going to this summer?


Chuck Taylor

I've long admired Chucks and especially this picture of these yellow high tops (which I can't remember where I found - sorry! its not mine, anyway.) So when my parents said they were giving me money for my birthday I knew exactly what I wanted. Thus, my first pair of Converse and I love them! They're so comfortable and fun and funky and I love incorporating them into my outfits!

Here's a few more pictures of Chucks that I've been looking at.

Et porquoi pas - Silver Sequins!!

Via The Sartorialist
Do you have some? More than one pair?


All grown up!

That last post was really heavy on the text so I thought I'd share some pictures. Getting very excited for the new Harry Potter movie coming out in less than a month! Looks like it will the best yet by far. Check out these pictures of our three HP faves from the beginning! So cute!

Oh and Check out Emma's fashion timeline on TeenVogue.com! She's so cute and has great style now that she's grown up a bit! She's the cover girl this month.



Tuesday Wrapup

I thought that I would like to do a weekly feature on Tuesdays and review and discuss the movies, books, and music that I've seen/read/listened to that week.

So this past week, I've already mentioned that I went to the Coldplay concert. I also went to a concert in the park on Saturday night put on by the local university radio station. I missed the beginning but still got to see Brock Geiger - a solo acoustic act who then whipped out some Imogen Heap inspired sounds; Bill Hetherington and the Asian Tigers - Fun rock garage band - check out "How Long"; and Miesha and the Spanks - which you know by the title is gonna be unusual. This girl was amazing! She rocked so hard - she broke about 4 stings in their half hour show! AND she did it all while sitting because of her broken leg! Even though the band is made up of two people, it sounds like it could be at least 5. It was electric.

(didn't think to bring my camera though - sorry!)

So this summer, I really wanted to watch movies on that list that is all the movies that you should have seen by now but for some reason haven't. You know when everyone is talking about a classic movie and you mention you haven't actually seen it, and everyone faints in shock? Yah I thought I could avoid that a bit haha.

So I watched Jaws for the first time on Saturday (shock!). It was really good! I'm assuming most people have already seen it but I was inspired to watch more of Steven Spielberg's films that I haven't seen like.... Jurassic Park haha.

Anyway, while I wasn't as scared as I would have been if I had watched it back when it came out, it was a little scary a few times! haha but it was interesting because I had no idea what the actual story was about. Apparently, Jaws was the first summer blockbuster, especially because it appealed to all types of people. I think it was a really good movie!

Well, I've realized I'm stuck in a bit of a fantasy rut - In the last month I've finished Harry Potter, then read Twilight and New Moon - needed a major break from that, but didn't have a chance to get anything new so I just read The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis - first in the Chronicles of Narnia. I never was the biggest fan of these books. I was a huge Lord of the Rings fan back when the movies came out but just not really Narnia. (Although my claim to fame is that in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie- the kids say they're from Finchley (an area in London) and that's actually where I was staying and where I watched the movie - the crowd loved it!) But anyway... book was a bit boring in my opinion. Good, but I think I'm just needing a break from fantasy. My next book to read is "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" which I know I will like.

What are you guys reading/watching/listening to?


Back in Wonderland


The new Alice in Wonderland movie, directed by Tim Burton is scheduled to come out March 5, 2010 is actually a sequel to the original story. Alice is now 17 and finds herself back in Wonderland - a place she doesn't quite remember coming to a decade earlier. There she meets the White Rabbit who has been searching for her while she's been gone.
I just read the book a couple months ago and want to read Through the Looking-Glass too before the movie.
These pictures have just been released and will be movie posters posted this week in theatres. They look a little bit freaky but soo cool! Is anyone else as excited about this movie as I am??
(click to enlarge pictures)

Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen. "Off with their heads!"
Anne Hathaway as the White Queen - the Red Queen's sister - who floats rather than walks.
And of course, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter who has an "indescribable" accent in this role.

Looks beautiful!
This is the life I do not want -
1) attend four-year university
2) meet your special someone while attending said university
3) graduate
4) get your starter job
5) marry special someone
6) advance in your job
7) baby #1
8) buy a house
9) baby #2
10) move to the suburbs, eat out exclusively at Olive Garden, spend your weekends engaging in lawn care and taking kids to soccer practice, slowly die inside.
via - yesandyes.org

I'm sure my life will follow a similar pattern, but I want to be spontaneous, have the freedom to do different things, live different places, see different things. I'm adventurous and a monotonus life just doesn't suit me.

So far my life is thus:
1. Move about 4 times in my childhood
2. Go to Bible College for six months and live in a castle in England
3. Travel Europe with friends and no money.
4. Go to college for three years and do not find significant other.
5. Do internships over the summer.
6. Make no concrete plans about the future.

What does your life look like?



So I don't think I ever mentioned it on here, but a little over a month ago I began Jilian Michael's 30 day shred. I finished last week and lost 11 pounds!! I'm feeling so good right now. I started it again just to keep it up and I've actually gained some of the weight back (probably in muscle) but I feel so much better than ever before! I also have muscles in places I didn't know I could so that's super exciting :)

Here it is on YouTube if you want to give it a try.

I also went to see Coldplay and we had pretty bad seats until this guy came up to us who worked for the band and told us that our view sucked and gave us tickets for the second row on the floor! Me and my sister were pretty stoked. It was so unreal! They're my favorite band and they did an amazing concert!!

And I'll just put a picture up here of "my" cat who is actually staying with her owner - my roommate for the summer - but I miss her! And apparently, Duckie is no longer an innocent child anymore. In fact, she just might be pregnant. And she's not even a year old yet... I think teenage pregnancy is rampant in the animal kingdom. anyway, she's cute.