I found an excellent website - Graphjam - where people create and upload graphs that I find hilarious. 

We all know that gladiator sandals were huge last summer - maybe this is the trend for Summer 09? hahaha


Architectural fashion

A few weeks ago now I was watching the most recent season of Project Runway. I think that I haven't gotten that channel or something because I don't know why I haven't watched it before! Its so interesting - it shows alot of the background of what goes into designing clothing. I watched the first episode of this season of Project Runway Canada and it seemed to dwell alot more on the drama of the contestants. After seeing two people have to leave the show for "personal reasons" I gave up. But, the American Project Runway is alot more enjoyable. 

My favorite designer from the show is Leanne M. She constructs clothes with such an architectural feel in her designs. Here's some pictures from flickr that I found that are inspiring.

Leanne describes her clothes in this way - " what I do is pretty much feminine, wearable, architectural, and innovative". Here are some pictures of some of her designs from the show. Enlarge and check these out - they're so beautiful! I would love to wear any of these!
I love how different forms of art - fine art, architecture, music, theatre - can be incorporated into fashion. Fashion is a reflection of these things. It makes me want to study these things more as well!


Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage 
oneself and one’s identity in the urban space. Our costumes are 
inspired by the «ghillie suits», the military camouflage suit. It was 
an adventure to wear the suit in the stores because of the conflicts 
with the employees, the reaction of the customers and also to see 
the pretty well camouflage effect in a real situation.


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Theodor Seuss Geisel  (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991)

Today to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday Google had a cute Seuss logo

Did you know?
  • Dr. Seuss was an illustrator for ad campaigns including Standard Oil 
  • He was a plitical cartoonist for a New York City newspaper
  • He worked in an animation department of the US Army during WWII, where he wrote Design for Death, a film which won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

The beauty of Books

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.