Cheaper than jail time

Check out this new notebook called Walls Notebook. It consists of pictures ofc"clean" New York City walls that you can draw on and practice your graffiti artist skills! Its sorta funny. But I like the idea. 

Well, I finished all my midterms now I'm just gonna relax and take it easy for a little bit. And that, is why I love being a student. 
Also, after two months of frustration and sitting around waiting, my car (should) be done getting its new transmission in tomorrow! Its a really long story but the highlights include: slimeball sells car, sucker (that's me) buys car after getting it checked out, sucker drives to school a couple times, car dies. slimeball agrees to pay, but takes two months to sort out his    stuff. to be continued.... we're hoping the finale is tomorrow, but we're not sure.


Studying is for suckers...

Ahh midterm season. and i think i'm coming down with a cold. thankfully, one more to go and then i have break break break! and to start it off my sister is coming to visit. cannot wait.

3 pictures - first. i like this girl's hair and jacket alot

Second - and hers

Third - how do we feel about striped socks? I'm thinking good thoughts...


Road Trip Anyone?

Target is only located in the States and up until now, I haven't been aware of how much I wish I could go! I've heard about good designer collaborations with Target in the past, but I was not aware of them! Now I am aware of this awesome collab with Alexander McQueen and I want to go to the US so bad! Its available March 1. Click to enlarge. Sorry for the poorly made picture - I was having troubles...    
Here's more.



The other day I finally got around to watching Once. Its a movie about a guy and a girl who meet and make music. The film is shot like a documentary; it actually was only shot in 17 days. Also, Bob Dylan was such a big fan of the film that he arranged to have the leads, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, open for him on part of his world tour. The two of them also covered Dylan's song "you Ain't Goin Nowhere" for the movie I'm Not There.
I thought it was a really beautiful movie, with amazing, beautiful music. You should definitely check it out.



Obama has impacted not only America, but the world. Check out this sand painting in Barcelona by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada.