Note to the Public: Don't leave an unrapped pear in your bookbag. It is a loose canon.

Ahhh well that was a nice break. Christmas was great - got a few things I asked for/wanted. Including this necklace, this wisdom book from my last post, and antipasto :) I also got some money and some nice things for my house and some things for my new car (gas, a jack, windshield wiper fluid - not technically for christmas but i'm lumping together.) So I bought a car over christmas break which was a bit stressful but it was still fun times with my dad and I got a pretty nice car I think! His (yah i know cars are supposed to be girls but he just seems like a boy) name is Mowgli. I haven't taken a picture of it yet actually but i'll try to do that soon.

Other than buying a car, I also had to buy a new (used) computer because my old one wouldn't work anymore - something went wrong with where its supposed to plug in. So it was a very expensive two weeks! But it was fun too. Spent lots of time with the family and some with friends. Watched several movies - most notably Rebel Without a Cause and Breakfast at Tiffany's (for the third time now). Oh and i started reading Harry Potter! haha yes I know I'm a nerd, but seriously! Its good. I'm almost done the third book.

Well, I've got quite a few things to blog about so hopefully there will be more-often posts here for a bit.

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