H&M Lookbook

Here's some recently released pictures from H&M's spring 09 lookbook!

Go here or here or here for more pictures

These are just a few looks I like -

Starting to feel a little sick today, runny nose and head cold type stuff. But its ok because I have a big paper to write for next week so the plan is to coop myself up with blankets, tea, and a box of kleenex and write this paper.


Shauna said...

Michelle! totally borrowed James Dean's Giant gonna watch it ASAP!!! haha <3

Hannah-Leanne said...

That boy with the yellow shorts is going to get beat up.

I especially like the fourth pic. The pink dress with the grey jacket/blazer.

And I heart you. I will make you tea all day long.

Ian Elford said...

I was rocking the cardigan with non-pleated shorts last summer, and intend to do so again this coming summer.

Mich said...

Thank you Ian! I was waiting to hear what you thought of it all. But I guess the question is - are your shorts mid-thigh?
Anyway, I don't care - I posted it cuz I like it.