Go Chrome or Go Home

So I just discovered a new application from Google - they're taking over the world, but heck! I don't care! They're good at it!
They've developed a new web browser - to replace Internet Explorer. Its called Google Chrome (ahhh clever title eh?) . Check it out here.
Some of the cool features include - this home page which shows your nine most visited web pages. It also shows your recently bookmarked sites, recent searches, and recently closed tabs (it remembers up to ten closed tabs.) There's also an incognito mode so you can search for things without it saving that history - for those surprise presents!
 Its called Chrome but its really simply designed - you just see your web page with one bar across the top - there's nothing hindering the rest of your screen. Its really fast too. Also, the address bar serves as a search engine as well, and will show previously typed addresses. Its
 really sweet!! Go here to download it for free now! And let me know what you think!
If you want more information browse through this cool comic

Currently working on the biggest paper I've ever written - 20 pages! Its about generational marketing - how the different generations - Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, etc. should be marketed to in different ways. Its pretty interesting but just a lot.


The Clothes Horse said...

Man, is there anything Google can't/won't do. I love their translation tool.

Stacy said...

They may be taking over the world, but at least they are doing a good job at it.