Busy Jewelry

Twig Bangle Bracelet - This bracelet I think is really cool - but its pretty skinny so I think I would want to layer it with other bracelets
Bent Feather Bracelet - This bracelet is definitely me - I love feathers and i love gold!
Button Necklace - This necklace will probably become a DIY although it may not be gold plated
Herkimer Diamond Ring - THis ring I think is really cool. Its not an actual diamond, so its inexpensive, but I wonder how good it looks in person

I found Erica Weiner's website through The Clothes Horse and I found a few items that I really like here.
I've been really really busy - school all day and then finishing homework from the day, trying to eat something quickly, and then writing about a 1000 words on my major paper.Its going well, I'm actually able to write that much in a few hours - which is sort of unheard of. But I'm getting really tired. I have to do it again tonight. Then tomorrow I'm going to a concert with a few friends from school and so I'll have to write some more on Friday afternoon before I hand it in.
I'm already planning what I'm going to reward myself with after I finish this paper. Probably going to be
-some chocolate
-organizing my life
-starting the next harry potter book
-sleeping in on Saturday!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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Shauna said...

That leaf bracelet is totally you! i said that before i saw what you wrote! have a fun time at the concert! i'll give you a call possibly tonight! <3