Busy Jewelry

Twig Bangle Bracelet - This bracelet I think is really cool - but its pretty skinny so I think I would want to layer it with other bracelets
Bent Feather Bracelet - This bracelet is definitely me - I love feathers and i love gold!
Button Necklace - This necklace will probably become a DIY although it may not be gold plated
Herkimer Diamond Ring - THis ring I think is really cool. Its not an actual diamond, so its inexpensive, but I wonder how good it looks in person

I found Erica Weiner's website through The Clothes Horse and I found a few items that I really like here.
I've been really really busy - school all day and then finishing homework from the day, trying to eat something quickly, and then writing about a 1000 words on my major paper.Its going well, I'm actually able to write that much in a few hours - which is sort of unheard of. But I'm getting really tired. I have to do it again tonight. Then tomorrow I'm going to a concert with a few friends from school and so I'll have to write some more on Friday afternoon before I hand it in.
I'm already planning what I'm going to reward myself with after I finish this paper. Probably going to be
-some chocolate
-organizing my life
-starting the next harry potter book
-sleeping in on Saturday!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Go Chrome or Go Home

So I just discovered a new application from Google - they're taking over the world, but heck! I don't care! They're good at it!
They've developed a new web browser - to replace Internet Explorer. Its called Google Chrome (ahhh clever title eh?) . Check it out here.
Some of the cool features include - this home page which shows your nine most visited web pages. It also shows your recently bookmarked sites, recent searches, and recently closed tabs (it remembers up to ten closed tabs.) There's also an incognito mode so you can search for things without it saving that history - for those surprise presents!
 Its called Chrome but its really simply designed - you just see your web page with one bar across the top - there's nothing hindering the rest of your screen. Its really fast too. Also, the address bar serves as a search engine as well, and will show previously typed addresses. Its
 really sweet!! Go here to download it for free now! And let me know what you think!
If you want more information browse through this cool comic

Currently working on the biggest paper I've ever written - 20 pages! Its about generational marketing - how the different generations - Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, etc. should be marketed to in different ways. Its pretty interesting but just a lot.


Mad Men

In honour of one of my favourite shows, Mad Men winning the Golden Globe for Best Drama Television Series, I did a little research. The opening credits (one of the best I've seen) were illustrated by Imaginary Forces (who incidentally also did the opening sequence for Gossip Girl)

I also found these illustrations of Mad Men episodes by Dyna Moe

If you'd like to get hooked, (and you live in Canada) check it out here.

I stayed home from school yesterday but today Im feeling much better. Also, finished the third Harry Potter last night! Really good. Hope everyone has a great Friday!


H&M Lookbook

Here's some recently released pictures from H&M's spring 09 lookbook!

Go here or here or here for more pictures

These are just a few looks I like -

Starting to feel a little sick today, runny nose and head cold type stuff. But its ok because I have a big paper to write for next week so the plan is to coop myself up with blankets, tea, and a box of kleenex and write this paper.


Note to the Public: Don't leave an unrapped pear in your bookbag. It is a loose canon.

Ahhh well that was a nice break. Christmas was great - got a few things I asked for/wanted. Including this necklace, this wisdom book from my last post, and antipasto :) I also got some money and some nice things for my house and some things for my new car (gas, a jack, windshield wiper fluid - not technically for christmas but i'm lumping together.) So I bought a car over christmas break which was a bit stressful but it was still fun times with my dad and I got a pretty nice car I think! His (yah i know cars are supposed to be girls but he just seems like a boy) name is Mowgli. I haven't taken a picture of it yet actually but i'll try to do that soon.

Other than buying a car, I also had to buy a new (used) computer because my old one wouldn't work anymore - something went wrong with where its supposed to plug in. So it was a very expensive two weeks! But it was fun too. Spent lots of time with the family and some with friends. Watched several movies - most notably Rebel Without a Cause and Breakfast at Tiffany's (for the third time now). Oh and i started reading Harry Potter! haha yes I know I'm a nerd, but seriously! Its good. I'm almost done the third book.

Well, I've got quite a few things to blog about so hopefully there will be more-often posts here for a bit.