Christmastime is here.

Last night I went here

and made these.



One more week

One more week until my life as I know it is over. The past few weeks have been a flurry with many papers to write, and a grad interview process to go through. I have three exams and a project next week and then next Saturday I am packing up Mowgli and driving away. Its really weird to think about. I'm getting really excited for Christmas and to be back in Calgary with my friends and family, but I haven't really thought about what my life is actually going to look like in the new year. And I'm very sad to be leaving my friends here at school, knowing they'll continue the year without me. Hopefully I'll find a job lined up soon so I have something to be excited about.

Right now I'm packing, studying, hanging out with friends, and enjoying my (pretty much) daily cup of hot chocolate. shameful but not ashamed.

Oh and this is before the -30C weather we've been having for the past week which has consisted of jeans and boots and scarves and not much creativity.

Oh! and funny story - last night I had been to a concert of my friend Lowana Wallace (she has an awesome christmas album on iTunes you should check it out) and when I got back I was anticipating a house to myself. But I came in to some strange noises and many pairs of strange shoes in the doorway. Confused, I entered the living room to find five of my friends chilling watching a movie! I thought it was hilarious, they felt bad for a bit, but I think when I offered them cookies and sat down and watched with them (of course! they were watching the Life Aquatic) they realized I was cool with it. I guess when you live in dorms, coming to a house is really nice. :)


Happy Half Unbirthday to me!

Happy December! We got a nice surprise around here - it has been so nice pretty much up until yesterday for December 1st.
And then we got blanketed with a ton of snow. Its still snowing now actually. It's on and off. It looks beautiful and I was so ready for it!!
Definitely getting me into the Christmas mood. And the Christmas parties have started - had shortbread and hot apple cider this morning! And this weekend is the annual Christmas musical at my school.

Sunday was my half birthday, and because I'm never with my friends from school on my birthday (May 29), and I'm also leaving soon, I decided we should do something to celebrate! So we went to see a movie - The Blind Side. Its your typical high school football movie with a couple twists, but because I grew up on Remember the Titans, I liked it alot!

Then we went to Tim Hortons and got a half dozen donuts! (catch the theme? - we didn't until the drive home haha)
And obviously excited for -
Just 5 days of classes, 3 exams, and a few assignments left in my (foreseeable) college career! i'm getting sad to leave, but sometimes I get excited about all the things I'm gonna do now that I have time for them. Lots of reading and creating.


Ring in the season!

Today I
- had turkey bacon that my roommate made me! quite good and not fatty actually (although the lady next to her at the grocery store said it was gross when she announce her purchase!)
- finished off the apple butter that my mom made for me last year - I just never got around to eating it til this year! Best Thing Ever.
- Had a quiz in my early morning class - but did ok
- went to go get eggs from the farm but they were out! next time i'm bringing my camera!
- wrote 4 pages on my worldviews paper and finished it! yay!
- sort of accidentally made tuna veggie lasagna for supper. It looks and sounds gross, but it tastes okay. I wouldn't impose it on anyone else though...

i took a break to compile a christmas wish list. I don't really want to share the whole thing on here all at once though cuz I got excited and it might look a little greedy! haha I don't even expect to get half of it all. But maybe i'll slowly put up some of the things. Here though is one thing I really am liking right now. Rings. Let me show you some inspiration.

Now these are the beautiful expensive ones --

And here are the cheap but nice ones from forever 21 that I like. Theres actually tons on their website.

Have a great day everyone!


February will be grand.

I'm in the midst of the craziest part of my semester, currently. And in the midst of it, I had two interviews last week for a job to start in January. I find out at the end of the week if I got it. It would be a good job, I think - an ideal one to start with just out of college.

I also have lots of papers, presentations, portfolios and projects due right around now. But I've gotten so much done in last two days that I thought I would take a second and show this cool installation that I hope to see when I go to Vancouver for the Olympics in February! Getting very excited about that by the way. Can't really believe how soon it is. This blog post tells a little bit about it, but its somewhat unclear. Anyway, these pictures show it still in protective wrap. It just arrived in Vanier Park, Vancouver from China. I'm assuming it will be unveiled in time for the Olympics. Its described as "Seriously jaw-droppingly amazing 90′ long silver sculpture that looks like a giant mercury splash imitating the wings of a gull seen through rain streaked glass."

The artist's name is Jun Ren, whose website appears to not be working. Anyway, this looks cool already, I can't wait to see what it actually looks like!


All in the family

I had seen some pictures of these silhouettes and thought they looked pretty so a while back (and just recently finished up) I made these silhouettes. I'm in the middle surrounded by my lovely roommate Hannah and our cat Duckie! Ideally, they would be framed, but we're on a severely lacking student's budget here folks! These are up on the wall at the bottom of the stairs like true family portraits.

My inspiration -

Pictures from Poppytalk

If you know me or Han (or Duckie!) let me know if you think it's a true likeness!!



I could actually wear this t-shirt and not feel embarrassed because I haven't actually been there. Is it possible to love New York without having been there? I have lists of places I want to go, know a lot about the city, I even ask people if they saw certain exhibits that I know were on at the time. I really need to go soon, its getting ridiculous.


xstsshk xnn - title written by duckie

This post will mostly just be showcasing my ridiculousness.

This week is our reading break but instead of going home (which I couldn't afford!) my friends came to visit me!! They came for a couple days we had a great time of shopping and food and coffee and Pictionary and limbo and music and conversation. It was so great.

Yesterday we went into Regina and went into my new favorite store! - Bulk Barn. Apparently it used to be only in the East Coast but there's one here now. Its all bulk food. So we got some candy and chocolate covered banana chips and coconut clustered cashews and this awesome sweet and salty party mix. So good!! Oh and I got my picture with THE Black Eyed Peas!

What a dork!

We went for lunch to the 13th Ave Coffeehouse - they have a MySpace!! hee hee. It is super cool - in an old house across from a cathedral. I also went the week before and got a delicious veggie burger (my first ever!). This time I got a huge veggie burrito that was also amazing. Definitely would recommend.

Then we spent just over two hours at Value Village!! yeah... we really love that store. I "succeeded" in not buying anything - cuz I can't afford it and I didn't need anything but we tried cool stuff on!!

I wanted this jacket so badly but I couldn't decide what I would make it into for a Halloween costume (Lady GaGa??) or else I was scared I would end up wearing it on a normal day cuz I loved it so much. haha


You are what you eat.

Peter Menzel did a really interesting photo essay called The Hungry Planet which shows what 15 families from around the world eat, what their favorite foods are, and how much they spend per week on groceries. Its really interesting to see the varying amounts families spend on food, and also who is included in families around the world. Its good to remind ourselves that how we live isn't how other people live. And think about why we do live the way we do.

Check out the rest of the families here.


Who has seen the wind?

We have had some extreme weather here recently! Its been so windy we actually have been having a wind warning a couple times! It literally went from being 30 degrees (Celsius) and Summer to around 10 degrees and Autumn.

Funny Story: The other night I was at a friend's house - well they actually live in a trailer (mobile home) and it started to get reeaaally windy. We heard this big bang against the side of the trailer and looked out the window and saw a big sheet of metal rolling down the street! A little freaked out, we opened the side door to see what hit the trailer. Well, it was this long piece of wood that looked like it had hit just above the door and thankfully didn't break the window! But then we discovered what had been damaged! The trailer two doors down's roof had blown off! There was one huge sheet of metal hanging off scraping against their van, and another flapping in the wind. I unfortunately did not get a picture but it was quite amazing. Nobody was hurt, so I can say that it was pretty funny but a little freaky at the same time. That's living on the prairies for ya!

Last night, I went to watch some girls I know play volleyball - I like to pretend I'm sporty when I go to things like this but then someone asks if I played - being tall and all - and I have to admit that i had zero hand-eye coordination as a child and negative interest in playing sports. Now, though, I think I'm getting better and more interested. I thought that was supposed to be reversed..


I wish it could be.

Currently reading: Tess of the D'Urbervilles for the first time. Quite enjoying it - when I have time. But I actually am making time - I've been going to bed delightfully early (on school nights that is) and so read for a bit before turning out my lights. Its different enough from the reading I have to do for school that I actually want to do it!

Today: Drinking some hot chocolate with marshmallows and catching up on reading (for school.) Also, staying warm inside and thankful I live in a house because there is a severe wind warning right now and it is crazy out there! Everyone have a great Sunday!


Lazing on a Saturday Afternoon

Remember Duckie? She's quite the skinny little cat even though she's a year and a few months old now!

Mmmm... the other night we slept outside! It was glorious. Its been so warm here lately that we were actually able to without freezing. And I had a great sleep too - I only woke up twice - at 2 and then at 6:30 for the sunrise! And I saw four shooting stars.

Today, I'm just settling down with a pot of tea and the book I need to finish reading for Tuesday. Its on the life of the apostle Paul. Then I have to read an article, and a huge chunk of "Of This Earth" by Rudy Wiebe for my Canadian Literature class. Lots to do!!

Movie watchers - need a laugh? Check out this hilarious cartoon.
Oh and I got some new shorts! For a whole $3 at Joe Fresh.


Its fall now apparently.

Well, I'm finally feeling settled in at school and everything. Its my last semester- I can't really believe that I'm almost done school. And for the first time in my life I won't be going back to school after Christmas. Its exciting and terrifying at the same time. Obviously.

I'm trying to make the most of my last semester. One thing that I just started doing is statistics at sports games! I was pretty intimidated at first, but this past weekend I did volleyball and basketball and really enjoyed it! I've already learned a lot I didn't know about the games - I used to always watch them but I didn't really know all the rules - especially basketball. Its really fun! I'm also trying to make the most of this semester and do really good in all my classes so I'm spending time in the library and keeping on top of all my reading. Its going pretty good - I really like all my classes this semester so that is definitely a plus.

I also started the 30 day shred again yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to keep that up.
Here's a little outfit shot.
Oh and I just cut my bangs yesterday - a little bit shorter than I anticipated but what I love about it is that it changes your look quite a bit, and if its a little off, they settle themselves out pretty quickly. And if they seem a bit uneven, I did fix them a bit today. :)

That bracelet is from Florence - I got it like four years ago?


Week before school!

Here are some of my pictures from last weekend's trip down to the states. We went to see a friend's wedding and visited some family and stopped at a lake. It was really fun and nice to get away if only for 36 hours!!

The books I actually intended to read on the 14 hour drive time over two days. I started with Eat, Pray, Love and one week later I'm almost half done.

Tim Horton's - Classic Canadian road trip staple.

What I wore to the wedding. As you can see in the next picture - there were bouncy things for the kids - sadly I could not take part.

One of the best parts of the wedding were these beautiful fans. I literally could not stop flicking this around and posing with it, pretending I was a Geisha.

Me and my sister Shauna.

I love lakes and boats - they just define summer to me.

Well, my last day of interning was great - we had cake, a fire drill (now I know how to evacuate in case I'm ever there visiting!), and they gave me some presents that were really thoughtful. We had a little party and it was really fun. They're awesome people.

So I have a tremendously long to do list for the next week as well as some much needed last hang out times before going back to school.
Soul searching and goal setting time at starbucks
Get gas and check my oil
vehicle registration
Buy a couple school supplies - gluesticks
print pictures
work on Summer mini-album
buy textbooks
finish internship writeup